Lung Institute (LI) is a leading global provider of innovative regenerative technologies for the treatment of an array of debilitating pulmonary conditions. We are committed to an individualized patient-centric approach, consistently providing the highest quality of care and producing positive outcomes. By applying modern day best practices to the growing field of regenerative medicine, Lung Institute is improving lives.

Burton Feinerman, MD
Burton Feinerman, MDMedical Director

Burton Feinerman, MD, is the medical director of Regenerative Medicine Solutions and Lung Institute. He earned his medical degree from New York Medical College and completed his fellowship at the renowned Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Dr. Feinerman has been practicing medicine for over half a century and has dedicated his practice to bettering the lives of his patients through the life-changing results of regenerative medicine. As one of the original physician scientists to create protocols and patents for regenerative medicine, Dr. Feinerman is internationally recognized as an expert in stem cells and gene therapy. He believes in challenging the incurable with regenerative medicine, and providing a new pathway to overall health and longevity of life.

He is a highly respected board certified physician and is a member of numerous medical societies including the Society of Apheresis, the Society of Bone Marrow Blood Transplantation, the International Society of Cellular Therapy, the Society for Cranial Transplantation and Brain Repair, and the Society for Cardiac Translational Therapy.

James St. Louis, DO
James St. Louis, DOChief Medical Officer
James St. Louis, DO, completed his orthopedic residency in the U.S. Army, and provided dedicated service at Fort Lewis and the Kennedy Medical Center. After years of intensive training in orthopedics, he was named Medical Director of Health South in Pensacola, Florida, where he also established the Pensacola Clinic Bone and Joint Center. He went on to serve as Chief of Surgery at Woodland Medical Center in Cullman, Alabama.

Dr. St. Louis is the founder of Laser Spine Institute in Tampa, Florida, which has since branched out to several other locations across the United States. As a world-renowned spine surgeon, his quest to develop the latest techniques in minimally invasive procedures has led him to the field of regenerative medicine.  Today, Dr. St. Louis is applying his research in stem cell technology and experience in minimally invasive procedures to the life-changing treatments performed by Lung Institute.

Javier Paino, MD, PhD
Javier Paino, MD, PhDDirector of Neuroscience Research
Javier Paino, MD, received his degree with honors from the Brazilian Federal University Medical School. He later attended Mt. Sinai Hospital Medical School in New York for neurosurgery training where he received physician of the year in 2001. He has a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the George Washington School of Medicine in Washington, DC, and is a member of numerous professional societies including The American Medical Association and The Peruvian College of Physicians.

Dr. Paino is a highly trained neurosurgeon specializing in minimally invasive approaches to spine surgery. He has extensive experience in the field of regenerative medicine, and actively participates in numerous studies to further the application of this innovative technology. 

“Nothing is better than having a patient with a positive attitude. Battling lung disease starts with confidence in knowing that you can improve your symptoms. What really gets me excited is seeing patients that can’t wait to show off their positive treatment results to their pulmonologist.”
Jamie DiLorenzo, Nurse Practitioner
“I am thankful to have met so many courageous and amazing patients during my time at LI. I always knew smoking was bad, but to see the devastating impact it has on the lives of our patients makes me feel very strongly about spreading the word to stop smoking. I hope that as a result, I can help change others’ lives in a positive way by raising awareness and sharing their stories.”
Lynne Flaherty, Director of Operations
“My favorite experience with a patient, although they are all great, is from a fellow Auburn Tiger, Jane. She was one of the first patients we treated at Lung Institute. She and I immediately connected and kept in touch up until football season. I have not heard from her but hope she is doing well. I have sent her a note and am going to try to have lunch with her at the Auburn vs. Alabama game next week.”
Jimmy St. Louis, CEO
“Hearing the stories of daily struggles of people with life threatening conditions made me take a step back and realize just how precious life is. I am thankful every day that my job involves helping people improve their quality of life.”
Crystal Dziadosz, Patient Coordinator
“I think it is so beautiful and heartwarming when I see the family or friends of the patient come with them for moral and emotional support. You can see the unity, love, and compassion they have towards their loved ones. Knowing that they are doing everything and anything they can to help improve their quality of life to them is worth going to the moon and back.”
Tiara Rivera, Receptionist
“We see a lot of patients walk through our doors looking for relief from their lung disease symptoms. Some patients have their treatment, and once they’ve gone through their follow-up care, we do not hear from them again. What really warms my heart is when a patient returns for another treatment with a smile on his or her face or when patients come back and say something like, “Hey Roy! This is really working. I feel wonderful. Let’s keep up the progress!” I know that I’ve made a positive impact on someone’s life. I look forward to more moments like this in the year to come.”
Roy Leathem, Medical Operations Manager

Strength in Numbers

100% of procedures are outpatient

100% of procedures are minimally invasive

100+ years of combined physician experience

500+ patient treatments performed

The Lung Institute Difference

Positive Outcomes
Lung Institute is results-driven, having positively improved the quality of life for hundreds of patients.
Uncompromising Patient Safety
At Lung Institute, the safety of every patient is a priority. All procedures performed by our team of medical experts are in compliance with the highest standards of safety.
Excellence in Quality of Care
The quality of care provided by Lung Institute at our state-of-the-art facilities is unsurpassed. Our personalized approach focuses on providing them with a superior level of personalized care to make them comfortable throughout the entire course of treatment.
Innovative Treatments
Supported by ground-breaking developments to clinical science, Lung Institute is welcoming the future of medicine in the application of our innovative regenerative technologies.