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Patients See Results from Stem Cell Therapy

28 Mar 2015 | Under Lung Disease, Stem Cell Therapy | Posted by | 0 Comments
Patient success story

At the Lung Institute, we strive to improve the quality of life for our patients. Having a debilitating lung disease is not only a struggle for sufferers, but also for their families. We make it our standard to provide the highest quality of care with sensitivity, compassion and professionalism. Since our founding in 2013, we’ve…

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Are Stem Cells the Next Vaccine?

27 Mar 2015 | Under Stem Cell Therapy | Posted by | 0 Comments

In the year 2000, the United States government announced that the measles disease had been eradicated. That may be surprising news to anyone that has been following the recent measles outbreak of approximately 170 cases that began at Disneyland California. To the credit of the federal government, there was no longer a year round presence…

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Weight Loss after Quitting Smoking

26 Mar 2015 | Under COPD, Lung Disease, Smoking | Posted by | 0 Comments

Can Quitting Smoking Actually Help you Lose Weight? Many people believe that smoking will help you lose weight, and the fear of gaining weight after smoking cessation leads many people to worry about quitting. However, a new study conducted by the Endocrine Society reveals that this is not completely true.  Their findings report that long-term…

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Veterans and Lung Disease

25 Mar 2015 | Under Lifestyle Modifications, Lung Disease | Posted by | 0 Comments

Veterans of the US armed services are at a higher risk of lung disease than the general civilian population. There is an astounding number of ways a serviceperson can develop a lung disease due to their profession. Occupational lung disease can come from exposure to sand dust, chemicals, metals in the air from exploded IEDs,…

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The Connection between Dementia and Chronic Lung Disease

24 Mar 2015 | Under COPD, Lung Disease, Related Conditions | Posted by | 0 Comments

Acknowledging the Dementia Epidemic Currently, we live in a society that constantly hears about the presence of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Between popular culture promoting films such as Still Alice and Away From Her and the increased effort to find a cure, people are finally beginning to care about these debilitating conditions. Just this past…

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Can Marijuana Help COPD?

23 Mar 2015 | Under COPD, Lung Disease, Treatments | Posted by | 1 Comment

What Effect does Marijuana use have on COPD? Today, in Colorado, Washington, the District of Colombia, Alaska and Oregon, it is legal on the state level to purchase and consume marijuana for recreational purposes. However, an additional 19 states have legalized marijuana to be used for medical benefits. This is leading a lot of Americans…

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Challenging the Status Quo with Stem Cells

22 Mar 2015 | Under Lung Disease, Stem Cell Therapy, Treatments | Posted by | 0 Comments

Looking back on history, we remember a time when women didn’t have the rights that they do now. Prior to 1919, women didn’t have any way to express their thoughts and desires through public policy. As a result of first-wave feminists such as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony questioning the status quo, 1920…

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Lung Institute Announces New Treatment with Bone Marrow

21 Mar 2015 | Under Press | Posted by | 4 Comments

Tampa, FL – This month, the Lung Institute has started treating people suffering from chronic lung diseases with stem cells extracted from their bone marrow. This treatment protocol is added to the two other treatment options offered by the Lung Institute: venous (blood-derived) and adipose (fat-derived) stem cell therapy. The bone marrow and adipose treatments offer…

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First Day for Spring Allergies


Spring time is a delightful season! There is always something going on. Every year, you get to see the birds flying home, and the flowers blooming. You are able to breathe in the smell of fresh air, not cold or filled with ice, but warm with a hint of happiness. You bask in the light…

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All treatments performed at Lung Institute utilize autologous stem cells, meaning those derived from a patient’s own body. No fetal or embryonic stem cells are utilized in Lung Institute’s procedures. Lung Institute’s highly effective autologous stem cell treatments are aiding in the repair of damaged lung tissue, ultimately improving patients’ quality of life and helping them breathe easier. To learn more about Lung Institute’s treatments, click here. View our Privacy Policy.

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