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Facts About Breathing while You Sleep

2 Mar 2015 | Under COPD, Lung Disease | Posted by | 0 Comments

The average American spends one third of their life sleeping. Although that seems like a catchy phrase used to sell mattresses, it also speaks a lot to the importance of sleep on our health. When you consider that for one third of our lives we are essential unconscious, it makes keeping good health during that…

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How I Used My Tax Refund

28 Feb 2015 | Under Lung Disease, Stem Cell Therapy | Posted by | 0 Comments

Like many Americans, my parents are dedicated working people. For years they have been able to provide our family with a loving environment and a passionate drive to do our very best. As a child, I could always remember when tax season rolled around. On an early Saturday morning, my father John, a hardworking police…

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The Link Between Pneumonia and COPD

27 Feb 2015 | Under Lung Disease, Related Conditions | Posted by | 0 Comments

What is COPD? Chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) is a progressive lung disease that makes it difficult for sufferers to breathe. It is characterized by a restriction of airflow in and out of the lungs, thus causing difficulty breathing. As a result, people with COPD need supplemental oxygen in order to participate in daily activities….

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Springtime Nashville Events and Activities

26 Feb 2015 | Under Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments

What’s happening in Nashville? As many people know, Nashville is known as the Music City. Many musicians call Nashville home, and dozens of major record studios have placed their offices in the city. In addition to all recording industry in Nashville, there is also a vibrant culture of live music. During a trip to middle…

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Spring Training in Scottsdale

25 Feb 2015 | Under Uncategorized | Posted by | 0 Comments

Baseball in Scottsdale The springtime in Scottsdale means a reprieve from some of the bitter cold at night and longer days filled with sunlight. It also means that baseball fans from around the area can dust off their mitts and catch a game, and hopefully, a foul ball at one of the many local Spring…

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Springtime Events in Tampa

24 Feb 2015 | Under Medical Tourism | Posted by | 0 Comments

Upcoming Events in Tampa, Florida As winter finally begins to slow down, a trip to the sunny beaches and warm waters of Tampa Bay, Florida is the perfect way to kick off the Spring season. For many, visiting the exciting coastal town is enough to make 2015 the best year yet. As March quickly approaches,…

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Celebrities with Lung Disease

23 Feb 2015 | Under Lung Disease, Related Conditions | Posted by | 0 Comments

Photo: Rory Calhoun Source: Western Movies Forum We often idolize celebrities to the point that there are no longer viewed as human but nothing serves as a more sobering reminder that they are just like the rest of us than hearing about the health issues they battle. When faced with illnesses that disrupt our lives, it is…

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Who to Watch at the Oscars

22 Feb 2015 | Under Celebrations | Posted by | 0 Comments

The 87th Academy Awards are this evening, and there are plenty of great films and performers to keep an eye on. As with nearly every rendition of this famous awards gala, there will be no short supply of commentary about everything from the films and performances themselves to who wore what dress best. However, there is…

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“I Can Do This”


When Mila was diagnosed with COPD, I thought our life was over. I never said that, of course. I wanted to be supportive. She was scared as it was, so she definitely didn’t need my fears and concerns as an extra burden. I kept everything I was scared of bottled up inside. As she cried…

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