Stem Cell Therapy Can Help.

Lung Disease Treatment

We know that every patient has their own story. No two patients are the same and no two conditions are identical. This means that every treatment must be tailored for each patient. When designing your treatment plan, we make sure to focus on your medical history and your current condition in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

All of our treatments use the regenerative properties of stem cells in order to improve your quality of life and your lung function. Stem cells can help repair lungs affected by lung disease by continuously regenerating new lung tissue in order to replace the once damaged lung tissue. To learn more about how stem cells work, please visit our Stem Cell Treatment Basics page for a closer look at why we use stem cells to help patients breathe easier.

Currently, we offer three possible treatment routes: adipose, venous and bone marrow. These treatments can be used to effectively improve the lives of our patients suffering from a variety of chronic lung diseases. Each treatment is unique just like our patients.

If you would like to find out more about our available treatment options, please contact one of our patient coordinators today at (855) 925-3269 to schedule a free consultation.