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Cellular Treatments Too Pricey? Not Anymore

You spoke and we listened. You told us that finances for the Lung Institute’s cellular therapys were an issue.

And, we don’t want price to be the reason you can’t get our remarkable cellular therapy for your lung disease.

This is not a sale.

This is a substantial permanent price reduction that will save you thousands of dollars.

We know you’ve thought about cellular therapys, but decided to wait.

The wait is over.

We want to give you a chance to get back to doing the things you used to do and doing the things you want to do.


Your Cellular Treatments

To treat your lung disease, we use the natural healing capabilities of cells.

Our treatment is just like having blood work done.

It’s that painless and easy!

You’ll be awake and you’ll be able to talk to the Lung Institute medical team throughout the procedure.

We Treat Many Different Lung Diseases

The Lung Institute offers cellular therapy for COPD and many other lung diseases.

Your Two Treatment Options

When you contact one of our patient coordinators they will discuss the different treatments and find the one best for you.



Blood (Venous) Treatment

Performed in a clinical outpatient setting over two consecutive days.


Following the insertion of an IV (just like having blood work done), your cells are harvested, processed and separated and then immediately returned to your body intravenously where they may begin to promote healing.


This process is repeated on day two.


Bone Marrow Treatment: This is a two-part, two-day outpatient procedure.


Day one consists of bone marrow aspiration, which removes a small amount of bone marrow fluid.


Like the venous procedure, the bone marrow procedure is a minor outpatient procedure. It’s simple and virtually pain-free!


On day two you will receive the venous procedure (see above), which uses an IV to collect a blood sample.


Each day, the clinicians will harvest, process and separate, then return the cells from the blood or bone marrow back into you intravenously.


Cellular Treatments Have Been Around for Years

Bone marrow transplants (yes, those are cells) began in the 1950s, became main stream in the 1970s and now more than 20,000 are performed each year.


Cellular therapy has helped treat multiple sclerosis, heart disease, blindness, rheumatoid arthritis and even baldness.


Watch this video from the popular Lifetime TV program, “Access Health” to see a patient success story and even more information.

We understand. It’s a big step, but it’s the right step…


Imagine a world with little or no shortness of breath, no chronic coughing, no wheezing or no fatigue.


You can breathe easier and live an active life again!


Our results are proven and life-changing. More than 84 percent of our patients report an improved quality of life within three months.


You need to treat lung disease as soon as possible because recent research notes that lung function declines much more rapidly and earlier than previously thought.


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