About Lung Health Institute

A leader in regenerative medicine, Lung Health Institute takes a specialized approach to the treatment of chronic lung disease. We provide safe and effective treatment options that address the underlying condition — not just the symptoms.

Our passion is, and will always be, restoring lung health to patients who have been diagnosed with chronic lung diseases. Our advisory b­oard guides research and development activities, pushing beyond conventional treatment in constant pursuit of better outcomes and a cure for chronic lung disease.

Leader in regenerative medicine to promote and restore lung health

We are patient centered, and we continually strive to provide our patients with revolutionary treatments that are tested and proven to not only slow the progression of lung disease, but also to help restore health to the lungs so our patients can Breathe Easier™. With more than 8,000 procedures performed, and 91.6% of our patients* reporting an improvement in their quality of life within three months after treatment, you can trust that our treatment for lung disease is effective.

What is our cellular restoration treatment?

Our cellular restoration treatment is a regenerative treatment that uses the cells of a patient’s own body to help target and reduce inflammation in the lungs.

When patients receive cellular therapy, a sample of the patient’s own blood is taken for the cells to be separated and isolated. Concentrated cells then are returned into the bloodstream. This may repair damaged tissue and reduce inflammation, allowing patients to Breathe Easier™ which improves their quality of life.

Anti-Inflammatory Initiative (AI²) for lung health

Our Anti-Inflammatory Initiative (AI²) empowers patients to take control of their lung health by providing a strategy and guidelines for nutrition that promotes overall health and reduces inflammation in the body. With three different plan options, patients can choose the wellness package that best fits their need and lifestyle.


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91.6% Find Improvement*

Based on patient surveys, 91.6% of patients report quality-of-life improvements at three months of treatment.