Medical Tourism in Florida

The reality of medical tourism is becoming more prevalent with each passing day. The advancements in medical technology has created specialized clinics all over the world for people seeking individualized treatment. Florida has become a hub for medical tourism due to its sunny weather and vibrant medical community. Next time you’re interested in traveling for medical reasons, why not choose a place that can offer you a warm escape from the snow or even an afternoon on the beach? If you have a lung disease like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or interstitial lung disease, consider visiting Tampa and the Lung Institute for treatment.

Lung Institute FL

The Lung Institute is a leading global provider of innovative regenerative medicine technologies for the treatment of an array of debilitating lung and pulmonary conditions. We are committed to an individualized patient-centric approach, which consistently provides the highest quality of care and produces positive outcomes. By applying modern-day best practices to the growing field of regenerative medicine, the Lung Institute is improving lives.

Stem Cell Treatment for Lung Disease

The Lung Institute utilizes autologous stem cells, derived from the patient’s own body for both the venous (blood-derived) and the bone marrow stem cell procedures. During these procedures, stem cells are extracted, isolated and then immediately introduced back into the body where they then divide and replicate into healthy cells specialized to the damaged tissue. The use of autologous stem cells in transplantation is considered to be more reliable than stem cells from another individual as there is a much lower probability of rejection due to the fact that autologous stem cells are derived from the patient’s own body.

Autologous stem cells are derived from the patient’s own blood or bone marrow, are isolated, and are given back to the patient intravenously.

If you or a loved one has a lung disease and you’re looking to utilize the growing industry of medical tourism, consider getting treatment at the Lung Institute.  If you want to learn more about treatment options, please contact us or call (800) 729-3065 today.

* All treatments performed at Lung Institute utilize autologous stem cells, meaning those derived from a patient's own body. No fetal or embryonic stem cells are utilized in Lung Institute's procedures. Lung Institute aims to improve patients' quality of life and help them breathe easier through the use of autologous stem cell therapy. To learn more about how stem cells work for lung disease, click here.

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