Lung Health Institute Advisory Board

At the Lung Health Institute, we push the boundaries of medicine to give patients with chronic lung disease hope for a better future. Lung disease affects millions of people and is a leading cause of death in the United States, but often is overlooked as a significant medical challenge facing American adults today. This gap in awareness has left many chronic lung disease sufferers behind, fueling our constant pursuit of the next breakthrough that will revolutionize and increase access to care.

Our advisory board sets rigorous standards for research and development efforts at the Lung Health Institute, allowing proven metrics to solidify the path forward as treatment options for lung disease evolve. Meet the experts helping the Lung Health Institute fulfill our mission and lead the charge in accelerating the advancement of chronic lung disease treatment.

Russell Winwood

Advisory Board Member

Russell Winwood is a triathlete, a nutrition advocate and a COPD-sufferer. Despite his COPD, Russell has finished triathlons, including the Half Ironman, and has found relief for his symptoms through nutrition and exercise. Because of his passion and drive to not let his COPD stop him from living the life he enjoys, Russell has teamed up with the doctors at the Lung Health Institute to create the Wellness Plan — a nutrition plan that helps others gain health and reduce their COPD symptoms.

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