AI²™ Package Plan

We offer an Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™ (AI² ™) guidebook that walks you through the program step by step.

The guidebook contains a variety of helpful tools including meal plans, recipes, snack ideas and dining tips helps participants navigate their nutrition in any situation. Lifestyle recommendations including activity guidelines and stress management techniques provide a true whole body approach. This package is designed for the person who doesn’t want personal support throughout their program and is comfortable managing things and keeping themselves motivated.

Our AI²™ package works well for those who feel comfortable reading and following the plan instructions and are motivated enough to work through the plan without any assistance or accountability, and it may also be a good option for caregivers who would like to implement a plan like this for those in their care.

What Does Lung Health Institute’s AI²™ Package Include?


Our wellness plan follows a dietary plan of unlimited healthy fats, moderate protein and low carbohydrates. By eating specific nutritious foods, you’ll encourage your body to heal naturally, decrease inflammation and boost overall mood and energy. We give you recipes, ideas for snacks, complete meal plans and food lists to get you started.


We offer recommendations for slowly increasing the amount of time you’re fasting until you’ve reached 13 hours each night. This helps decrease inflammation, encourages a better mood, helps the body fight disease and improves the function of your gut, which in turn helps your immune system work more effectively.

Activity, Sleep and Relaxation

All plans include specific guidelines for daily exercises, sleep quality and duration, and stress management. Along with the nutritional component, activity, sleep and relaxation can help increase your blood oxygen levels, decrease further damage to the lungs and fight inflammation.

What Is Your Wellness Worth to You?

When your lungs are inflamed, it’s more difficult to breathe. In fact, many common lung conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma are made worse by inflammation.

At Lung Health Institute, our goal is to reduce the amount of inflammation in your lungs through a natural wellness plan. Our wellness plan helps patients breathe easier by preventing inflammation at its source – the food we eat. Some of the benefits patients can gain from our wellness plan include:


Increased lung function


Improved mental clarity


Elevated mood


Increased energy levels


If you’re ready to start a wellness plan, contact one of our dedicated Patient Coordinators to talk about getting started. We’re here to help you take the next step toward Breathing Easier.