Alternative Payment Options/Ideas

As many of you may already know, insurance will only cover conventional treatments. At this time, it does not include alternative treatments, such as the cellular therapy – offered by the Lung Institute.

We understand that the price for this cutting edge treatment may be considered expensive to some; however, take a moment to consider some options that may be available to help you reach your goal of getting cellular therapy through the Lung Institute. We commonly come across patients that have looked to other areas to raise money for this procedure. Listed below are some helpful ideas for alternative payment options that you might want to consider to help with the cost of our treatment:

  • Ask your church or other faith-based organization. These types of organizations are often willing to provide a loan, take a collection or perhaps even offer a grant for congregation members in need.
  • Ask your family and friends; then spread the word. Keep a list of donors, send thank-you cards or e-cards, and ask your local paper to print a small PR statement, or post it yourself on a free PR site.
  • Host a fundraiser. You could sell anything from baked goods to crafts that you or family members made yourselves.
  • Take out a personal loan. There are several loan companies that loan specifically for medical costs – just do an internet search for medical loans.
  • Consider a home loan. Many people have substantial value that has built up in their home over the years. Look into a line of credit or mortgage for a low interest rate option.
  • Host a charity concert. If you know someone with a musical talent, ask them to do a charity performance in your community and donate the proceeds.
  • Silent auction or garage sale. Ask your community to donate items for a silent auction or garage sale.
  • Host an ice cream social or block party. Draw people in your community together to enjoy home-made (or bought) ice cream and socialization while raising money and spreading the word about your chosen alternative treatment. You might be surprised at the impact that networking can have.
  • Donations. Set up a bank account and put out the word through your community or your social media channels to raise money for your treatment, then follow up with Facebook or blog posts about your progress and to recognize your donors.
  • Crowd sourcing sites. We have had several patients use crowd sourcing site to help raise funds for a procedure, such as
  • Social Media. All of the efforts listed above can be “advertised” through social media. Don’t underestimate the power of social networks. If friends and family with dozens, possibly even hundreds of connections share your goal on Facebook or Twitter, you may see an exponential increase in the number of people that are willing to help.

One example of tapping into multiple ideas, including crowd sourcing came in the form of a current patient, Patsie.  Patsie suffers from COPD and wanted treatment to improve her functioning and quality of life. Her gofundme account, with awareness through Facebook, brought in $4,000, while savings and a personal credit line were used for the balance. She received treatment just two short months after beginning her fund raising efforts.

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