2 of the Best Walking Trails Near Tampa, FL

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Chronic lung disease patients may find it hard to stay active, but low-impact exercises like walking can help you stay active and may improve your lung health. If you’re visiting Tampa, Florida, for vacation or treatment at Lung Health Institute, there are some beautiful walking trails in the area that you should check out. 

1. Ream Wilson Clearwater Trail

Located just a few miles from downtown Tampa in Clearwater, Florida, the Ream Wilson Clearwater Trail is a picturesque place for chronic lung disease patients to take a walk. This trail is an out-and-back trail that extends for a total of 6.5 miles. It’s accessible by wheelchair, and the trail is an enjoyable option for walkers of all skill levels.

As you walk along the trail, you can take in many interesting sites. There are many areas where you’ll see trees and a host of beautiful wildflowers native to Florida. Other points of the trail offer views of Tampa Bay and its teeming wildlife. Be sure to bring along your binoculars to get a close-up glimpse of pelicans, egrets, cormorants and other native shorebirds.

2. Fort DeSoto Park

If you’re looking to get even further from downtown Tampa, Fort DeSoto Park is an option that has lots of walking trails to explore. The park is about a 45-minute drive from downtown Tampa, and it’s situated on 5 islands, or keys, at the entrance of Tampa Bay. This park has more than 7 miles of paved walking trails that span its 1,136 acres, and they’re accessible by wheelchair.

On these trails, you’ll get the chance to see a unique mix of scenery, including ocean views, beaches, mangrove trees and wetlands. If you’re a fan of birds, you’ll definitely want to bring your camera along because the park is home to more than 328 species of birds. You can also take pictures of loggerhead sea turtles nesting and sunning themselves on the beach. You may even want to cast a line in the water at one of the fishing piers in the park or cool off at one of the 2 swim centers.

Find Fun and Chronic Lung Disease Treatment in Tampa

Lung Health Institute has a clinic in Tampa that offers several treatment options for chronic lung conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). One of these treatment options is our 3 Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™ plans, and these plans are designed to offer benefits like a natural boost to your immune system and training your body to use fats to fight inflammation. We also offer minimally invasive cellular therapy, which is intended to help promote healing in lung tissue and reduce inflammation.

Take the next step to Breathe Easier™ and check out the many attractions of Tampa. Contact one of our patient coordinators today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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