2 Ways to See What Patients Say About Lung Health Institute

by | Jun 26, 2019 | Resources

Reading personal reviews have become a commonplace step before making an important decision in today’s world. After all, services ranging from Amazon to your primary care doctor often ask you to write a personal review of their services. At Lung Health Institute, we take pride in helping patients with chronic lung diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). If you want to find out how our patients feel about the services we offer, there are 2 easy ways you can do so.

1. Online Testimonials

One way to find out what patients who have been to Lung Health Institute think is to check out some of the stories of the patients we’ve treated. Our website has multiple pages of written and video testimonials from past patients, and these allow you to find out lots of useful information. For example, you can learn more about the types of chronic lung diseases we treat. You can also find out about the treatments we offer and the benefits past patients have received as a result of using our treatments.

2. Call List

Another way you can find out about the experiences of our patients is to talk to a past patient from our call list. Our call list consists of patients who have been treated at Lung Health Institute clinics, and these patients have agreed to talk to people who are interested in our services. Talking to these patients gives you an opportunity to find out directly from them why they recommend our services and how we may be able to help you. They may also be able to help reassure you that you’re far from alone in dealing with your chronic lung disease.

Some Services Offered by Lung Health Institute

Lung Health Institute is proud to offer several effective services to chronic lung disease patients. We offer our Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™, or AI2™, which brings together different types of wellness information to help you treat your condition more effectively. These plans include information such as lung-healthy eating tips, exercising tips and sleeping tips that may improve lung health. The information is intended to provide you with benefits such as naturally boosting your immune system. They may also help train your body to begin using fats as inflammation-fighting fuel.

Also, we offer a treatment option for chronic lung diseases called cellular therapy. Cellular therapy is a procedure that uses concentrated platelets and cells from your body to target lung disease. These platelets release healing properties that, when combined with proteins, growth factors and other helpful cells, may promote healing in damaged tissue and reduce inflammation in your lungs.

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