3 Great Hobbies for COPD Patients

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Hobbies are a way to explore the physical and mental possibilities the world has to offer. They help keep our bodies and minds occupied and help us find joy in life. For all of these reasons and more, having hobbies is important for everyone, but they’re especially important for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients.

Why Do COPD Patients Need Hobbies?

The physical challenges of COPD can make it more difficult to get out of the house or even get around the house. Also, the physical challenges this chronic lung disease presents often leads to mental challenges, too. For instance, COPD patients often report feeling depressed or bored because they feel they can’t do many of the things they used to. However, hobbies can help you keep your body in shape and mind sharp, as well as generate peace of mind if you have COPD. In fact, there are 3 great hobbies COPD patients should try.

1. Walking

Especially for patients who used to run or hike, COPD can make you feel like you can’t do any physical activity outside. However, nothing could be further from the truth! While you may not be able to perform strenuous activities, you can still get in some time outside and stay active by walking.
Even a 5-minute walk around the block may help increase stamina and lung health if done regularly. You may even find that your stamina and breathing will get better over time, and this can allow you to walk longer and farther.

2. Reading

COPD patients often report being bored. However, reading is a great way to engage your mind and imagination. After all, nearly every activity and experience the world can offer is available to you vicariously in a book, magazine, e-book or blog. In fact, libraries and e-readers can provide you with access to millions of reading possibilities at little to no cost, covering topics that you find interesting.

3. Puzzles

Another way to shake off feelings of boredom is to tease your brain with a good puzzle. Puzzles are an ideal hobby for COPD patients because they don’t require much physical movement. In fact, many people can sit contently for hours doing a puzzle.
There are also many types of puzzles to choose from. If shapes and patterns are your thing, jigsaw puzzles may be a good choice. Are you a word connoisseur? Try working some word searches or crossword puzzles. Do numbers get you all excited? Grab a book of sudoku puzzles. Puzzles are even easy to find since you can get books of them at many stores or download puzzle-specific apps.

Find Natural Treatment for COPD at Lung Health Institute

If you have COPD, you may be looking for supplementary treatments for the physical and mental symptoms of this chronic lung disease. Our health care team at Lung Health Institute offers several treatment options that may be just what you’re looking for.
For instance, we offer a minimally invasive treatment known as cellular therapy. This is a procedure that uses concentrated platelets and cells from your body to target lung disease. These platelets release healing properties that, when combined with proteins, growth factors and other helpful cells, may promote healing in damaged tissue and reduce inflammation in your lungs.
Our team also offers 3 Anti-Inflammatory Initiative, or AI2™, plans. These plans provide information about lung-healthy foods and recipes, sleeping, exercising and beneficial supplements. In fact, AI2 plans are intended to provide benefits such as naturally boosting the immune system and training your body to fight inflammation using fats.
Take the next step to find relief. Contact one of our patient coordinators today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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