3 Ways to Keep Exercise in Your Daily COPD Routine

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Exercise has been a big part of my journey with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and I’m a staunch advocate of getting moving with this chronic lung condition. I also practice what I preach, and this has earned me the title of “The COPD athlete.” Exercising regularly can offer many benefits to COPD patients. However, it can be difficult to incorporate exercise into your daily routine at first. Here are 3 tips that can help you get exercise into your daily COPD routine and keep it there: 

1. Have an Exercise Buddy

Accountability is a strong motivator for many people, and few things are better for keeping you moving daily with COPD than having an exercise buddy. Your exercise buddy could be a close friend, a family member or a personal trainer. No matter who you choose for an exercise buddy, they can make it much easier to exercise daily when you have COPD. They’ll be an outside source of motivation to help you get moving on days when your internal motivation is lacking. Exercise buddies can also give you someone to talk to as you work out, and this conversation can make a workout fly by. 

2. Schedule a Time to Exercise Every Day

Most people are much more likely to go to the doctor and do other things they’ve been putting off when the event is scheduled in advance. Exercising daily with COPD is no different. Creating a workout schedule allows you to pick the time of day when you’re most likely to work out. A schedule also provides you with another form of accountability, and this can help provide the drive to work out when your motivation is flagging. You can also outline your exercise schedule in advance. For example, you might sit down on Sunday and plan out your workouts for the coming week. This allows you to schedule your activity when you’re free. 

3. Keep an Exercise Journal

Do you take the time to write down the activities you do during your exercise time? If you don’t, you should. It can be helpful to keep an exercise journal; you’ll have a written record of your activity, and this can help you see how much progress you’ve made. For example, you might find that you’ve been able to steadily increase the time and distance you’ve walked over the course of several months. 
This realization can be a huge psychological boost to COPD patients, but it could be missed if you aren’t recording your workouts. Like the workout itself, maintaining your exercise journal is something you should schedule. Just add a few extra minutes at the end of your workout appointment, and this can give you the time you need to record basic information about your workout. 

Lung Health Institute Offers Helpful Treatment Options for COPD

At Lung Health Institute, our health care team is committed to helping COPD patients treat their condition. One of the treatment options we offer that can help is our Anti-Inflammatory Initiative plan. 
We also call it AI2™ plan for short, and it offers several different types of information that can help treat chronic lung diseases like COPD. It provides information about lung-healthy foods and offers many tasty recipes that can benefit your lung health. This plan also offers tips about sleeping and exercising with a chronic lung disease. Using the information in the AI2 plan, you could get benefits such as a boosted immune system as well as learning how to train your body to use fats as inflammation-fighting fuel. 
Take the next step to Breathe Easier. Contact a Lung Health Institute patient coordinator today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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