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4 Apps To Help you Quit Smoking

4 Apps to Help you Quit Smoking

It seems as if it is trapped between your fingers. As hard as you may try, you struggle to let it go. Seconds pass and it’s burning away at your lungs, heart and mind. As the cigarette is getting smaller, your body is becoming weaker. As hard as you try, you never seem to find an escape; but did you know that help could be in the palm of your hand? Technology is becoming more advanced and there are applications that can help guide you through quitting smoking . Each app has different features, and the Lung Institute has picked out the four best apps for quitting smoking.


iTunes- LIVESTRONG – MyQuit Coach App

LIVESTRONG’s coaching app is physician-approved and was created based on personalization. This app is designed for you to create your own journey to become smoke free. MyQuit Coach gives you the option to decide whether to quit “cold turkey” or to slowly reduce your nicotine intake. This app features include analyzing your nicotine consumption, tracking cravings and crafting resolutions that are meaningful to you.


iTunes- Quit It lite

Quit It Lite works with a different approach than MyQuit Coach. Instead of concentrating on the changes you are making, this app focuses on what you have not done. It tracks cigarettes you have not smoked, the tar that was not absorbed in your bloodstream, and the money you did not spend on tobacco products. Quit It Lite is designed to show success as you progress in becoming healthier and stronger.

Android – Cessation Nation

Cessation Nation is a virtual village designed to help people trying to quit smoking come together for encouragement. This online community is a place where current and former smokers can find support through others and their experiences. This app also includes a calculator that shows the amount of money you’ve saved as well as your health progression from not smoking.

iTunes and Andriod- Quit It now

Quit It now is an app that is centered on your feelings as you advance through your journey. This app concentrates on handling mood changes, as you may feel anxiety stress and frustration while trying to quit. Quit It Now also specializes in statistics. These stats are in real time, as the app tracks your last cigarette smoked in minutes, hours and days. Your stats can be shared with your friends and family through social media sites such as Facebook and twitter.


Accomplishing your goal of quitting smoking can become easier by downloading one of these apps. Getting involved in online communities and being reminded of your progress can help push you through the tough times. The Lung Institute understands the nerve wrecking experience of kicking the habit, as well as not quitting soon enough. Unfortunately lung disease kills about four million per year. Luckily, there are stem cell treatment options to treat lung diseases such as COPD. Contact the Lung Institute by calling (800) 729-3065 to learn about treatment options for a better quality of life.


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  2. Alicia

    3 years ago


    We are happy to hear that you are finding an option that might help your condition. If you would like to learn more about qualifying for this treatment, please contact us at (855) 313-1149 to speak with one of our patient coordinators.



  3. Shirley Dowches

    3 years ago

    I have been diagnosed with COPD. I was intubated in Dec. 2013 and survived that. Now I am on some medications – mostly Prednisone. I carry portable oxygen with me at all times and at night I have a concentrator.
    I work 2 days a week and stay as active as possible but admit to caving in to just staying still a lot.
    Your Web Site really piqued my interest.

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