5 Tips for Fishing with Lung Disease

by | Jun 19, 2015 | COPD, Lifestyle, Lung Disease

Can you still go Fishing with COPD?

There is a great debate occurring on whether or not fishing is actually relaxing. While you are usually in a secluded, quiet environment with a scenic view, the frustration of an empty fishing line can add stress to a peaceful scenario. However, if you can get over the expectation of reeling a record bass, a day out on the water can offer some great exercise for those suffering from a lung disease like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). These 5 tips for fishing with lung disease can provide you with a safe and beneficial option to help your lung function.

Fishing Tips

Take Water

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You may be surrounded completely by water, but you need something to drink while you’re fishing. People suffering from COPD are especially prone to dehydration due to poor functioning organs from low blood oxygen levels. Take a cooler with you and pack at least a bottle of water for every hour you will be outside.

Pack Light


It’s likely that you will have to do some walking to get to your fishing spot, and with lung disease, this can mean difficult physical activity. Just pack the gear you need, which means you can leave the tackle box in the car.

Try Breathing Exercises


Anytime you go fishing, there will be down time in between the catches. This makes for a great chance to practice your breathing exercises. These exercises can help improve your lung function and fight the progression of your lung disease.

Stay on Dry Land


It may be tempting to go out on a boat, but that puts you farther from your transportation and healthcare if an emergency was to happen. For those suffering from earlier stages of lung disease, this may not be an issue, but this is definitely an area where the saying, “better safe than sorry” holds significant meaning.

Cook your Catch


Depending on what you’re fishing for, many fish provide great nutritional value for people with COPD. Some are oxygen rich while others provide needed nutrients to promote healthy blood flow. Both of these benefits are key to improving health.

Cellular Therapy For Lung Disease

With an incurable disease like COPD, it’s usually up to patients to find alternative treatment options if they want to venture beyond the traditional treatments of medications and supplemental oxygen. Cellular therapy utilizes the natural healing ability of the patient’s own body. If you or a loved one is interested in finding out more about cellular therapy for lung disease, contact the Lung Health Institute by calling 888-745-6697 today.

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