5 Tips to Start Fundraising for COPD Treatment Today

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Asking for help can be hard. We’re here to make it a little easier to start fundraising for COPD treatment.

Most people don’t like to ask for money. Not only can it make one appear vulnerable, but there’s also an inherent fear of rejection, of being told “no”. But a helping hand—even a small one—can go a long way. As we’ve mentioned before, traditional insurance organizations such as Medicare and HMOs, unfortunately, do not cover cellular therapy at this time. This means that those suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis or emphysema must meet the cost of treatment out of pocket. For those faced with the prospect of fundraising, simply figuring out where to start can be the most difficult part.

With your health in mind, the Lung Health Institute is here to present 5 Tips to Start Fundraising for COPD Treatment Today.

5. Make Them Care (Personalize it!)

When asking others to commit to your cause to start fundraising for COPD treatment, it’s critical that they know what that cause is. To create a connection between you and your donor, it may be helpful to give a brief overview of who you are and the life that you’ve led to this point. By giving a snapshot of your life, the goals you’ve accomplished and any goals left unfinished, you bring the story of your life front and center, inspiring those to empathize and want to join your cause.

4. Empower Your Donors to Start Fundraising for COPD Treatment

Although it’s important to emphasize your own life in order to establish a personal connection with potential donors, it’s also important to honor the donors themselves. For many who are considering giving to a specific cause, one of the biggest obstacles to committing is whether they feel that their contribution matters and is ultimately unique; they want to know that they are making a real difference. Always thank your donors in as personal a way as possible through an email, a phone call, a thank you note or a friendly hug in-person. The key is to let your donor (or potential donors) know that any donation is greatly appreciated and that they may be dramatically changing your life.

3. Don’t Count Pockets

The lesson of “don’t count pockets” is a difficult one to learn, especially when finding it necessary to ask for money in the first place. The common assumption is “if I don’t have the money, what makes me think they do?”. Although this a natural and even rational thought, the reality is that none of us have any real idea of the finances of others, and therefore, we cannot assume when trying to attain our goals. If you are hesitant about asking a specific donor for a contribution, ask them anyways and let them decide whether they can afford to contribute to help start fundraising for COPD treatment. Every little bit helps, so always remind your donors to just offer what they feel comfortable with.

5 Tips to Start Fundraising for COPD Treatment Today

 2. Tailor Your Donations to the Individual

When considering your prospective donors to start fundraising for COPD treatment, start with friends and family first. Although it may be a bit uncomfortable, your friends and family have a better chance of supporting you than a stranger. From there, it’s just a matter of allowing them to contact their own network (friends and other relatives) to rally to your cause. Most importantly, always remember that every individual is just that, an individual. When asking for their contribution, don’t blanket them with a uniform starting amount. Tell them how much you’re trying to raise and just remind them that if they can do what they’d feel comfortable with, you’d really appreciate it.

1. Use the Web

The web can be difficult to navigate at times, but if you know where to go, it can literally change your life. When looking to start treatment fundraising for COPD treatment, it’s important to utilize the internet and fundraising sites such as GoFundMe which specialize in helping individuals fund personal causes such as medical treatments, continued education or travel aspirations. The benefit to GoFundMe compared to other fundraising sites is the fact that it is not an all or nothing site, meaning that even if you don’t hit your total goal, you are still allowed to keep what you raise.

Looking Forward…

Although a diagnosis such as COPD can seem insurmountable, the first step to living a longer life is through seeking treatments that address the disease head on. If you’re looking to directly address emphysema disease progression, it may be time to consider cellular therapy. Rather than only addressing the symptoms of lung disease, cellular therapy may directly affect disease progression, working to improve quality of life and pulmonary function within patients. For those who suffer from lung disease, a change in quality of life could mean the difference between struggling to walk to the mailbox and riding a bike.

If you or a loved one suffers from a chronic disease like emphysema, COPD, pulmonary fibrosis  or other symptoms of lung disease, the Lung Health Institute may be able to help with a variety of adult cellular therapy options. Contact us today at 888-745-6697 to see if you qualify for cellular therapy, and find out what cellular therapy could mean for you.

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