5 Ways to Protect Your Lungs During the Holidays

by | Dec 7, 2019 | Blog, Tips

The holidays are a wonderful time of year to connect with loved ones and spread festive cheer.
But if you have chronic lung disease, holiday decor can expose you to triggers that lead to flare-ups of your condition. Here are common items to be aware of, so you can protect your lungs this holiday season. 

5 Possible Triggers During the Holiday Season and How to Manage Them

  1. Real Christmas trees. Real trees bring the smell of pine into your house for the holidays — but they also bring in dust mites, mold spores and pollen. To prevent these allergens from polluting your indoor air quality, hose your tree down and let it dry outside before bringing it into the house.
  2.  Dusty decorations. Decorations that have spent the better part of the year in closets and basements are a breeding ground for dust mites. Wipe down all decorations before placing them around your house, and store them in airtight plastic bins after the holidays are over.
  3. Scented candles and decor. Strong fragrances from scented holiday candles, potpourri and scented wreaths can trigger exacerbations. If you want a candlelit glow during the holidays, try a natural beeswax candle or unscented artificial candles with LED lights. 
  4. Fireplaces and fire pits. It’s the season to spark up a wood fire on a cold winter evening. However, smoke from burning fires can cause airway irritation and flare-ups. Additionally, if you use supplemental oxygen, it’s dangerous to be around open flames with your oxygen equipment. 
  5. Cleaning products. If you host a holiday event, a thorough house cleaning may be part of your pre-party preparation. Try to limit your use of strong chemical cleaning products, which can cause respiratory symptoms. Learn more about choosing the best cleaning products with chronic lung disease. 

Tips for Avoiding Triggers During the Holidays

Ask a family member or loved one to help you get down decorations, clean them and place them around the house. By breaking up the work, you’ll limit your exposure to dust and other allergens, and you won’t become fatigued by doing it all yourself. 
If you’re worried about a real Christmas tree triggering your symptoms, purchase an artificial tree instead. An artificial tree won’t carry allergens into your house — although it’s still a good idea to clean it before setting it up.
Before you attend a holiday event, call the host and ask if there will be scented candles at the party. If the host is willing, ask him or her to not use scented candles or other fragrant decor. 

Find Treatment for Chronic Lung Disease

Lung Health Institute offers treatment for chronic lung disease: cellular therapy. Cellular therapy uses your body’s own cells to promote reduced inflammation within the lungs. The goal of treatment is to help you Breathe Easier™ and slow the progression of your condition. There is hope for improving or maintaining a good quality of life with chronic lung disease — at 3 months following cellular therapy, 91.6% of our patients report a positive outcome.*
If you are interested in learning more or scheduling a free consultation, contact one of our patient coordinators today. 

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