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People living with chronic lung diseases find it difficult to enjoy their favorite activities. Chronic lung disease symptoms, such as breathlessness, fatigue, coughing and wheezing, make simple tasks nearly impossible to do. Often, our patients come to the Lung Health Institute after they have heard from their doctors that there isn’t much hope. Traditional treatments work to manage chronic lung disease symptoms, and these treatments may be used in combination with alternative treatments, such as cellular therapy.

Cellular treatment may promote healing from within the lungs and may have the potential to improve quality of life. In fact, many of our patients have reported feeling better, breathing easier and enjoying a better quality of life. Like you, our patients come from a variety of backgrounds and have different stories to share. Here is what our patients are saying after their cellular therapy:

What Challenges Did Our Patients Face Before Cellular Treatment?

Chronic lung diseases affect everyone differently, and everyone has a different story about living with a chronic lung disease.

Before his cellular therapy, Herbert’s lung function continued to decline and made it difficult for him to help with yardwork and other household chores. Nearly everything he did left him breathless. As his disease developed, so did his depression.

Kathleen felt exhausted after taking a shower, and she couldn’t make her bed or walk a few steps to her car without gasping for air.

Our patient, Penny, loved singing in church. However, even talking winded her badly.

Thomas loved ballroom dancing, but he felt so breathless while dancing that he had to stop and rest. Soon, showering, dressing and walking left him puffing for air.

Being outside with her horses and grandchildren brought Denise joy. But, having chronic lung disease left her short of breath and unable to ride.

Becky always counted her steps. Frustrated with her lack of improvement and the medications prescribed to her, she quit going out at all.

What Activities Can Our Patients Do After Cellular Treatment?

Activities Our Patients Can Do Now

Like you, our patients are unique and enjoy different hobbies, sports and activities. After treatment, many of our patients report returning to their favorite activities.

Herbert says, “Now, I can help unload the dishwasher and run the sweeper. When you’re used to doing things, and they are taken away from you, to do those simple things again — you just can’t understand how that affects you mentally.”

To Kathleen’s delight, she says, “It’s not so hard to take a shower anymore! It’s not exhausting like it used to be.”

Penny can go to church and says, “I can actually sing songs in church. It is wonderful!”

At 90 years old, Thomas enjoys going out in the garden every day. He also rides his bicycle. Thomas says, “Last year I did 500 miles on that bike, and I don’t puff!”

Denise spends time with her horses and grandkids. In fact, she can go riding with them now. As Denise says, “When I would ride horses or be out in my barn, that was my peaceful time, my enjoyment. I got that back!”

Becky’s son was getting married. “I’m going to be able to dance,” she said. “And I can sustain the whole evening!”

Some people notice improvement soon after treatment. Others notice gradual improvement over time. Keep track of your progress in your treatment journal. Remember, every success is worth celebrating. As always, we’re here to answer your questions and to help you along your journey to breathing easier. Keep in touch with us by calling 888-745-6697.

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