AI2™ tips for daily lung patient relaxation

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The health care team at the Lung Health Institute knows that relaxation is important for chronic lung disease patients. That is why we’ve developed three Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™, or AI2™, plans that offer advice that may help you find daily relaxation.

Why relaxation is important for chronic lung disease patients

Our health care team knows that stress isn’t good for anybody, but we can also tell you that it’s especially bad for you if you have a chronic lung disease. In fact, high levels of stress may actually cause your lung inflammation to increase. This is because high levels of stress cause your body to release chemicals called cytokines, and the higher your cytokine level is, the higher your inflammation level is likely to be. This increase in inflammation may, in turn, make it even more difficult for you to breathe.

Some ways you may be able to reduce stress and fight inflammation

One way to help reduce the level of inflammation-causing cytokines in your body is to reduce your stress. Relaxation is a great way to reduce your stress and inflammation. In fact, relaxing for only 10 minutes per day may help to reduce your stress and inflammation levels.
Our LHI health care team has included relaxation tips into our AI2 plans to help you fight back against stress and inflammation. The most important tip you’ll find in these plans is to find a way to relax that works for you. For some people, relaxation may involve reading a good book for a few minutes every day. For others, talking to a friend or loved one every day may help you to relax. You may even find that short walks or breathing exercises provide you with relaxation. No matter what relaxes you, using your preferred relaxation method every day may help you to reduce your lung tissue inflammation.

Other ways our AI2 plans may be able to help you

The powerful tips in Lung Health Institute AI2 plans may help you take charge of your health. They provide you with information about ways you may be able to improve your gut health. Our plans may also help you find ways to use fats as inflammation-fighting fuel. Contact our health care team today for more information or to schedule a free initial consultation.

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