Alternative Treatment for Black Lung Disease

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Black lung disease, known medically as pneumoconiosis, is a chronic lung condition that may lead to the development of other severe lung conditions, including complete respiratory failure.
Black lung disease is common amongst those who work in dusty environments. The inhalation of dust particles, chemicals, asbestos and smoke is a leading cause of pneumoconiosis. If you work in these kinds of environments, it’s important to take proper safety precautions and receive regular lung screenings to help avoid developing black lung disease.
No cures exist for black lung disease, but you can seek medical assistance for help managing its symptoms and reducing inflammation. Lung Health Institute has been assisting patients across the nation with alternative treatment methods for black lung disease and other chronic lung conditions.

What are alternative treatment options for black lung disease?

Pulmonary rehabilitation is one natural treatment method that can help you breathe better if you have black lung disease. Typical pulmonary rehabilitation therapy may use the following techniques to help you breathe:

  • Exercises for improving lung function
  • Education for saving energy and living with your symptoms
  • Nutritional guidance for obtaining vital nutrients that help your lungs
  • Emotional counseling and group support

Pulmonary rehabilitation does not cure black lung disease, but it can help you live better while coping with the disease.
Another alternative treatment for black lung disease you should consider is lung restoration treatment from the Lung Health Institute.  

What is lung restoration treatment?

Lung restoration treatment is the use of your body’s own cells to fight the symptoms of black lung disease. It works by separating a sample of your blood into concentrated forms of cells, which are then reintroduced into your body to target inflammation.
lung restoration treatment may be able to assist with the following:

  • Assist with inflammation reduction
  • Assist with lung function
  • Assist with boosting the immune system

Would you like to see if lung restoration treatment is right for you? If you’re suffering from black lung disease or another chronic lung illness, contact the patient coordinators at the Lung Health Institute today to schedule an appointment to discover what we may do for you.

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