Tips for COPD Patients Who Are Applying for Disability

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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) makes it difficult for you to breathe, especially if you don’t seek medical assistance. When you’re experiencing trouble with breathing, it may become difficult to perform daily tasks or participate in your favorite activities. If you are having trouble with daily tasks, then working is out of the question. When you can’t work, you may need financial assistance from disability.
Obtaining disability is not a simple process. You cannot just walk in and ask for money. You need to show that you have visited medical professionals who have diagnosed you with COPD and can confirm that you are not physically fit to work.

Requirements for obtaining disability assistance for living with COPD

If you’ve been suffering from COPD or another debilitating lung disease, you may be able to obtain assistance from disability. If you feel that your symptoms are affecting your ability to work, then the following tips may be helpful for you:

  • Visit a Social Security Administration (SSA) approved doctor. An SSA doctor will perform the necessary tests required to prove to the SSA that you are physically unable to work. The objective of these tests is to measure your breathing ability to discover if your airflow is obstructed enough to qualify for disability.  
  • Make a case based on your background. Some COPD patients can pass the SSA breathing tests with too high of a score but may still receive disability. If you can demonstrate that you are unable to work not only due to COPD but to age, education and skill set, you may still be able to qualify for disability. Yours SSA doctor will review your medical history as part of this deliberation. 
  • Demonstrate multiple hospitalizations due to COPD. If you’ve been hospitalized for COPD-related problems three or more times, you may qualify for disability. To be eligible, these hospital visits must each have been longer than 48 hours and must each have been at least 30 days apart.

If you’ve been suffering from symptoms related to COPD you should seek assistance not only for disability but for breathing better again. At the Lung Health Institute, our team of medical professionals offers many treatment options to assist in improving your breathing.
Contact the Lung Health Institute today to speak with a patient coordinator about how we may help you. You may be able to benefit from treatments like our Lung Restoration Therapy, which uses your body’s own cells to target infection and help reduce inflammation. We look forward to working with you to provide you with top-quality care for your breathing needs.

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