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Morning Headaches with COPD

11 Dec 2014
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Do you suffer from morning headaches where pain relievers don't help? | http://ow.ly/hiWc30khljb | Click to learn how your lung disease is connected and how to stop your headaches before they start!

Morning headaches with COPD are both painful and annoying. Keep reading to learn about what causes morning headaches and ways to prevent them.

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Progression of COPD

7 Nov 2014
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Progression of COPD Lung Institute

Stages of COPD Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive disease, meaning that it continues to worsen as time goes on. For nearly all people who develop COPD the disease is terminal and will be with them for the rest of their life. Although this is a dire prognosis, there are ways to combat…

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Physician Awareness: Cellular Treatments

3 Nov 2014
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Physician Awareness: Stem Cell Treatments Lung Institute

Cellular therapy could help people with lung disease breathe easier. For more information, continue reading.

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Improving Lives of Lung Disease Patients

1 May 2014
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lung disease patients

Dedicated to improving the live of lung disease patients, May 2014 marks the first anniversary in Tampa for the Lung Institute! In the past year, the Lung Institute has performed over 250 cellular therapies on patients from across the country and the world. Lung Disease Patients Improve Quality of Life In its first year in…

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Late Stage Lung Disease Sufferers Now Exploring Cellular Therapies as Alternative to Lung Transplantation

30 Oct 2013
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Keep reading to learn more about Stem Cell Therapies as Alternative to Lung Transplantation.

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Tampa-Based Pulmonary Cellular Therapy Clinics Shows Promising Results

31 Jul 2013
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Tampa based pulmonary stem cell treatment shows promising results. Keep reading to learn more.

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