Benefits of Keeping a Personal Journal

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Benefits of Keeping a Personal Journal

When you live with a chronic health condition such as lung disease, you may have been encouraged to keep a treatment journal. Some doctors ask their patients to write down the date and time their patients felt symptoms such as coughing or shortness of breath, to take note of the surroundings, and what medications relieved symptoms. Writing down important health details can help doctors better understand their patients’ diseases and how to treat them. While there are many benefits of keeping a treatment journal, there are also many benefits of keeping a personal journal.

Become More Mindful

When you write about what makes you anxious, frustrated or afraid, these intense feelings lose some of their edge. Sometimes putting these emotions and the scenes they evoke onto paper makes them easier to move past. Instead of being passive about dealing with these emotions, writing them down in a journal engages your mind and helps you feel better.


Often times, when you write in a journal, you’ll include paragraphs about your dreams, goals and ambitions. These dreams and goals you have written down could act as blueprints to help you achieve these goals. As you take action to achieve your goals, write down the steps you took. You might notice that you didn’t do as much to work towards your goals one day in comparison to another. Sometimes writing goals down can help you see ways you can put them into action and move forward to achieve them.

Benefits of Keeping a Personal Journal

Healing and Creativity

Sometimes it’s helpful to just write. Forget about trying to be perfect and just write for yourself. Write about whatever comes to your mind. You might find yourself writing about an intense emotion, or you might find yourself laughing as you write about something funny. Writing in a journal can also help you establish order when life feels overwhelming. If you end up writing a story about fictional characters, go with it and enjoy the spark of creativity.


If you’re reading a good book, find a quote online that inspires you, or if you overhear an inspiring conversation, write down the quotes that move you. Writing down motivational quotes and sayings and then reading them when you need a boost can help encourage you throughout your daily life.

For some people, writing is a tool. For others, it’s a form of expression, and for some, it’s an art. No matter what kind of writing you do, there are many benefits of keeping a personal journal. Trying alternative treatments such as cellular therapy in combination with healthy lifestyle habits can help you achieve a better quality of life. If you or someone you love has lung disease and would like more information, contact us at 888-745-6697.

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