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The Benefits of Keeping a Treatment Journal

10 Feb 2017
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The Benefits of Keeping a Treatment Journal

At the Lung Institute, our goal is to help you get your life back within reach and to help you achieve your treatment goals. We’re here for you after your initial cellular therapy. We encourage our patients to keep a treatment journal. Writing in the journal you received from us after treatment helps you track your progress over the next month. Here are the benefits of keeping a treatment journal.

What details do I track?

In your Lung Institute treatment journal, you will record your progress. Your Lung Institute physician asks that you monitor how you feel during daily tasks and recreational activities. Inside your treatment journal, you will find a list of daily activities and recreational activities.

After you choose your activities, you will track your progress during those activities throughout your treatment journal. For example, you could choose to track your progress while talking on the phone, preparing a meal, going out to dinner or going shopping. You can also write-in an activity to track that isn’t listed.

Before tracking your progress, you will setup your baseline measurement. This way, you can measure how far you’ve come since your treatment and beginning your treatment journal. Now, you’re ready to document your progress daily.

Track your day-to-day progress—both large and small.

What are the benefits of keeping a treatment journal?

The benefits of keeping a treatment journal are many. While there isn’t a cure for chronic lung diseases, there are ways you can cope with your symptoms. Writing in a journal is a great way to manage your symptoms, track your progress and understand what triggers worsen your symptoms.

Another important benefit is tracking how much you have progressed. Sometimes, people find it difficult to see their progress because they still have lung disease symptoms. Every success is cause for celebration.

For example, before treatment, walking to your mailbox might have caused shortness of breath. A few weeks after treatment, you might notice that you can walk to the mailbox and back to your door without any lung disease symptoms.

Other Benefits of Keeping a Treatment Journal:

The Benefits of Keeping a Treatment Journal

Writing removes mental blocks and has unexpected benefits. Chronic lung diseases often cause stress, depression and anxiety. Feeling constantly stressed and anxious can take a physical toll on your well-being and quality of life. Writing in a journal can help with those tough emotions and help you see your successes more clearly. Other benefits of keeping a treatment journal include:

  • Managing anxiety
  • Reducing stress
  • Coping with depression
  • Tracking your chronic lung disease symptoms and triggers
  • Keeping track of your treatment and your personal progress
  • Seeing your successes clearly

How do I request a new treatment journal?

We want you to keep writing about your progress. After tracking your progress for a month, you can request a new treatment journal by contacting your patient coordinator. Writing in your journal to track your daily progress is a great way to help you appreciate the small and large victories on your journey to a life of better breathing. Consider tracking your progress for the next 12 months to see how far you’ve come over a long period of time. As always, we’re happy to answer your questions, so feel free to contact us at 888-745-6697.

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