“I saw a difference right away after the first treatment.” — Beverly F., COPD Treatment

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Beverly F. was diagnosed with COPD and emphysema several years ago. Over time, she found herself completely dependent on her oxygen treatment, and her quality of life slowed down due to her inability to catch her breath during daily activities. That’s when she decided it was time to contact the Lung Health Institute and ask about our cellular therapy treatment for COPD and other chronic lung conditions. After her treatment, Beverly has been able to recapture activities in her life that she hasn’t been able to do in years. Here is her story:

Before cellular therapy treatment, COPD dominated Beverly’s life.

In fact, Beverly couldn’t go anywhere without her oxygen tank. She had it on while she slept, did household chores or went out with friends. If she walked too much or did too much around the house, she would have to sit down and catch her breath.
Because Beverly wasn’t getting enough oxygen in her lungs and to the rest of her body due to her COPD and emphysema, she was constantly having to go to the doctor or the hospital. She was also on a number of daily medications to help counteract the impact of the COPD on her body and vital organs.

After her treatment for COPD, Beverly is able to do things she hasn’t done in a long time.

“I saw a difference right away after the first treatment,” Beverly says. Now that she’s undergone cellular therapy treatment at the Lung Health Institute, Beverly has reduced her medications down to one pill a day. She also says that she doesn’t have to go to the doctor much anymore – just a six month check up to make sure she’s doing well. Her whole body is functioning better after receiving treatment at the Lung Health Institute, she says.
Before, she was on 24-hour oxygen treatment. Now, she can do household chores and go to a restaurant without needing her oxygen tank. She still takes it with her when she goes on long flights to see her family for Christmas or when she is going to be walking around the store for a while, but she says the need for oxygen is nowhere near what it was prior to treatment.
This Christmas, when she flew to Utah to be with her family, she said she was able to do more with them and enjoy the trip more than she has in the past, thanks to her improved lung health. “My whole family can’t believe it. It’s definitely changed [me],” Beverly says.
If you are ready to take the next step toward Breathing Easier, contact our team at the Lung Health Institute today. We can help you determine if our cellular therapy treatment is right for you.

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