Black Lung Treatment

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Black lung has long been a major problem in the United States, especially in rural areas where coal mining is an important part of the economy. It’s a chronic form of lung disease specifically caused by inhaling coal dust, which is full of heavy metals like lead, mercury, nickel, tin, cadmium, antimony and arsenic — most of which are toxic in even low concentrations. Eventually, those with black lung will develop progressive massive fibrosis, an advanced stage of the disease marked by greatly reduced lung function.

Can black lung be treated?

Much attention has been placed on black lung, with Congress recently approving increased federal funding for treatment. This subsidized federal treatment is only available to people totally and completely disabled by black lung. The damage caused by black lung cannot be reversed and any treatment that is currently available can only target the symptoms of black lung. This means that the damage from scarring and inflammation over the years will be permanent, unless the underlying cause is targeted.
While certain treatment options may improve a patient’s quality of life, cellular therapy is designed to encourage the growth of new, healthy lung tissue. This helps promote natural healing from within rather than simply treating the symptoms.

How cellular therapy may treat black lung

Cellular treatment is a regenerative therapy that uses cells from the patient’s own body, which may replicate themselves and help encourage healthy tissue to grow in the lungs. With the Lung Health Institute’s minimally invasive, outpatient treatment, we use the cells from the patient’s own body to target the lungs, where they may replicate and promote the growth of new, healthy tissue. This may help to improve lung function, reduce the effects of progressive damage and improve quality of life for those living with black lung.
The Lung Health Institute is the only cellular clinic in the world that focuses exclusively on treating lung disease. Our treatment may help patients improve their quality of life by helping to reduce inflammation from black lung. For more information on cellular therapy and how those with black lung have benefitted from our treatment, contact the Lung Health Institute today at 855-882-1292.

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