Bronchiectasis Treatment

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Bronchiectasis causes inflammation and infection that thickens and damages the walls of the bronchi — the airways that help deliver air to the lungs. Because it’s a chronic obstructive lung condition, much like emphysema or chronic bronchitis, those with bronchiectasis will have periodic flare-ups, known as “exacerbations”. The resulting inflammation will make it more difficult for mucus to drain properly, and the buildup of mucus will allow bacteria to gather in the lungs, causing infection and scarring. This cyclical effect means it may be difficult to breathe and create declining respiratory function over time.
While other lung conditions often stem from smoking or exposure to environmental pollutants or contaminants, bronchiectasis is usually not caused by smoking. There are two types of bronchiectasis: congenital bronchiectasis, caused by a birth defect like primary dyskinesia and cystic fibrosis; and non congenital bronchiectasis, which is usually a result of damage to the airway, such as that caused by tuberculosis, pneumonia or influenza.

How is bronchiectasis typically treated?

Traditionally, bronchiectasis is treated with antibiotics and mucus-thinning devices and medications. But these are only effective in temporarily relieving the symptoms of bronchiectasis rather than the underlying cause. The Lung Health Institute offers cellular therapy designed to help improve lung function and to help promote natural healing in those with chronic lung disease.

How cellular therapy may help treat bronchiectasis

Cellular therapy uses the patient’s own cells, which may replicate themselves and encourage the growth of healthy tissue throughout the body. With our minimally invasive treatment, we take a blood sample from the patient and enrich it with platelet-rich plasma. The mixture is then reintroduced to the patient’s body, where the concentrated cells may help new lung tissue grow in the place of tissue damaged and scarred by bronchiectasis.
As the only cellular clinic in the world focusing exclusively on treating lung disease, the Lung Health Institute is a leader in regenerative therapy. Our treatment may help you improve your quality of life by helping to reduce inflammation from bronchiectasis. For more information about cellular therapy and how it may help treat bronchiectasis, contact the Lung Health Institute today at 855-882-1292. Let us help you take the next step toward Breathing Easier.

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