Can Diagnosing COPD Early Help Improve Treatment?

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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive lung disease that causes shortness of breath and congestion. COPD cannot be cured, and it grows worse over time, but some treatments can help slow the progression of the disease and manage its symptoms.
People with COPD can benefit from treatments at any stage of the disease. You’ll likely be placed in one of the following four stages if you’re diagnosed with CODP:

  • Stage One — Symptoms are mild and, perhaps, unnoticeable.
  • Stage Two — Symptoms are moderate and cause minor discomfort and shortness of breath.
  • Stage Three — Symptoms are severe and require more advanced treatments to help improve your ability to breathe.
  • Stage Four — Symptoms are very severe and lung function is low.

Ideally, if you’re diagnosed with COPD, you’ll want to remain in the early stages as long as possible. The disease and its symptoms are less severe, and it’s easier to live a normal life in these stages. However, it’s out of your control to decide how the disease progresses, but treatments can help slow its progression and keep you in the early stages for longer.

Is treatment easier when COPD is diagnosed early?

If COPD is caught early enough, you may have more treatment options available to help you continue breathing well. In some cases of early diagnosis, quitting smoking may be all that’s necessary for treatment.
As COPD progresses, though, it can be more difficult to develop treatments to manage the symptoms of the disease. In these later stages, oxygen therapy, steroids and more invasive methods may be needed to help you breathe.

COPD treatment options at the Lung Health Institute

One treatment you can benefit from at any stage of COPD is Cellular Therapy at the Lung Health Institute. Cellular Therapy is a form of cellular therapy that specifically targets inflammation in the lungs.
Cellular therapy works by using concentrated forms of cells from your own body to help reduce inflammation and promote healing. Using cellular therapy in the lungs has shown to improve the quality of life of more than 85 percent of our patients*.
Whether in its early stages or advanced, if you have been diagnosed with COPD, you should contact us to schedule an appointment. Our patient coordinators are ready to talk with your about your treatment options to help you start Breathing Easier™.

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