Can I Get Lung Cancer from Vaping?

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Vaping is a term that’s still relatively new in the American consciousness, and it refers to the action of inhaling and exhaling the aerosol, or vapor, produced by e-cigarettes. You may also know these devices as vapes. While many believe it’s a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes, vaping can still cause chronic lung diseases, and may even increase your risk of developing lung cancer.

One Reason You Can Still Get Lung Cancer from Vaping

In spite of the benefits vaping offers over smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products, this activity may still lead to an increased likelihood of developing lung cancer.
The reason for this is the liquid used by vape devices still contains chemicals and substances that are known to increase the risk of cancer, which are known as carcinogens. One carcinogen vape liquids contain is one that they actually carried over from cigarettes, which is nicotine. Some vape liquids have also been found to contain known carcinogens such as:

  • Lead
  • Toluene
  • Benzene
  • Formaldehyde

One especially dangerous chemical included in vape liquids that have buttery flavors is diacetyl. This chemical was once used to create the buttery taste found in many brands of microwave popcorn, and it’s used in a variety of vape liquids today. However, research has shown this chemical causes thickening, scarring and narrowing of the airways and air sacs in the lungs when inhaled, and such damage can often lead to chronic lung diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or lung cancer.

Lung Health Institute Is Ready to Help You Treat Your Chronic Lung Disease

Our health care team at Lung Health Institute is ready and willing to help patients with COPD and other chronic lung diseases find natural treatments for their conditions.
For example, we offer 3 Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™, or AI2™, plans, and these plans rely on helpful natural elements such as nutrition, fluid intake and naturally derived supplements to help you. In fact, these plans may help you train your body to fight inflammation using healthy fats, and it may also help you take control of your health by strengthening your immune system.
We also offer a natural and minimally invasive treatment option called cellular therapy. When you receive cellular therapy, or platelet-rich plasma-platelet concentrate (PRP-PC), you will first be fitted with an IV. From there, our clinicians will take a small sample of your blood. We’ll then use our on-site lab to isolate and concentrate platelets, proteins, growth factors and other helpful cells from your blood sample.
The concentrated cells are then returned into your bloodstream through the IV, and the cells are naturally pumped through the heart and into your lungs. Once in the lungs, the concentrated cells may help repair damaged tissue and reduce inflammation, allowing patients to Breathe Easier™.
Contact one of our patient coordinators today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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