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Lifestyle Modifications with ILD

Lifestyle Modifications with ILD Lung Institute

Living with ILD Interstitial lung disease (ILD) is known to be a lung disease that harms a person’s ability to breathe properly. The tiny air sacs in the lungs that transfer oxygen from the air into the bloodstream harden and don’t complete the much needed transfer of gases. Given the harsh condition your lungs suffer…

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Related Conditions to Interstitial Lung Disease

Related Conditions to ILD Lung Institute

Breathing comes naturally to many of us. In doing so, we breathe in much needed oxygen into our bloodstream, which enables the body to work and grow. Almost every day, an average person will breathe in and out nearly 25,000 times. Now imagine having a lung disease and struggling just to do this very simple…

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Treatment for Interstitial Lung Disease

17 Dec 2014
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ILD Treatments Lung Institute

What You Can Do To Make It Better? Interstitial lung disease (ILD) can leave you feeling downright exhausted and frustrated from having to deal with the constant struggle. One day you may feel better and the next you could be fighting with your lungs just to breathe properly. While the feud may seem never ending,…

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How ILD is different than other Lung Diseases

How ILD is different than other Lung Diseases Lung Institute

Is ILD the same as COPD? Interstitial lung disease (ILD) is an umbrella term used to categorize over 100 different types of pulmonary disorders that affect the absorption of oxygen into the lungs. It includes a diverse collection of illnesses with a variety of causes, treatments and prognoses. Individuals who suffer from interstitial lung disease often…

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