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Celebrities with Lung Disease

23 Feb 2015
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Celebrities with Lung Disease Lung Institute

Photo: Rory Calhoun
Source: Western Movies Forum

We often idolize celebrities to the point that there are no longer viewed as human but nothing serves as a more sobering reminder that they are just like the rest of us than hearing about the health issues they battle. When faced with illnesses that disrupt our lives, it is helpful to know that you aren’t alone. It would be helpful to identify with an individual in the limelight going through what you are facing day in and day out. Think Muhammad Ali and Michael J. Fox and Parkinson’s Disease. Halle Berry and type 2 diabetes. Montel Williams and multiple sclerosis. But are there any celebrities with lung disease though?

Lung diseases are some of the most common medical conditions in the world. Millions of people suffer from the lung disease in the U.S., with smoking, infections and genetics being the main culprits for most lung diseases. The following celebrities have revealed to the public that they have been diagnosed with a chronic lung condition.

  • Rory Calhoun – Calhoun was known throughout Hollywood for his work as a television and film actor. He was notorious for his Western roles on The Texan and The Wild Wild West. He passed away from ongoing complications with emphysema.
  • Joe DiMaggio Jr. – DiMaggio was an All-Star American Baseball player for the New York Yankees. Being a heavy smoker for most of his life, he would pass from a combination of emphysema and lung cancer.
  • Walt Disney – Disney is perhaps best known for his beloved theme parks and memorable animated films. For this smoker though, lung cancer would impact his life until his final years.
  • Buster Keaton – Famous for acting, directing and being a stunt performer. Keaton helped usher in the art of film with his work on silent films. He passed from emphysema.
  • Harry Reasoner – An American reporter for ABC and CBS News. The founder of the 60 Minutes program, he would live with a mixture of  heart and lung disease issues.
  • Gene Tierney – Tierney was famous for her starring roles in Leave Her to Heaven and the Left Hand of God. She lived with an ongoing case of emphysema until 1991.
  • Leonard Nimoy – Known for being Star Trek’s Spock, Nimoy revealed to his fans that he has been living with COPD.

Lung disease can be difficult to live with, but it can be effectively treated. Early diagnosis and timely treatment are crucial to helping control symptoms of any lung disease. If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with a lung disease, then contact us at the Lung Institute or call 888-745-6697 today.

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