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Cellular Treatment Take Center Stage

8 Feb 2015
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Stem Cells Take Center Stage Lung Institute

The world will never forget the day when four young men from Liverpool, England walked onto the stage of “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1964. The bright stage lights and the squeals from the crowd rained down on the group, and that grainy black and white image was pinned as a major moment in music history.

The introduction of cellular research to the world stage was not filled with as much fanfare. There were no screaming fans or standing ovations when the first cellular therapy was conducted in the form of a bone marrow transplant in 1956. The long hours that scientists spent diligently researching and studying cells in laboratories across the world were not recorded in the pages of Life magazine. Even in 2012, when the two scientists who discovered the application of cells as the building blocks for human life won a Nobel Prize, the response was limited to the medical community.

While the history of cellular research may seem dwarfed in comparison to that of the Beatles or Elvis Presley, its impact on the healthcare and medical industry is anything but small. Adult cells live all over the body, and if extracted and reintroduced to the body, they can specialize as whatever type of cell they are near. For example, if cells from a patient’s abdominal fat were removed, isolated and reintroduced to the lungs of the patient with a progressive lung disease like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), the cells would become lung cells. These new cells would be disease-free and would promote more disease-free lung cells, inevitably increasing lung function. For someone with a debilitating disease, a cellular therapy like this could mean the difference between struggling for air and breathing easier.

The staff at the Lung Institute have successfully performed such procedures on over 1000 patients.

It’s difficult to imagine a medical breakthrough taking center stage over a story about the latest sensation. However, that isn’t to say that life-changing advancements in medical therapies, like cellular therapys, aren’t occurring every day. The people that have sought these innovative treatments are already seeing these advancements in action, and although they may not be screaming like the crazed Beatles fans of the sixties, the stem cell fan base is growing every day with people that can now breathe easier.

If you would like to find out more about available stem cell treatment options, please contact a patient care coordinator from the Lung Institute today at (800) 729-3065 to schedule a free consultation.


  1. Diane Rodriguez

    2 years ago

    My dr finally won to get me on oxygen. So maybe it will help. I do feel better but a lot of my life I have felt like I was on a chain like a poor animal n got free in was doing yoga etc. now they have me back on a tank I carry if I go out with my oxygen cord around my neck n up my nose. Yesterday I said screw it and did some gardening. Breathed all the fresh air. I felt free. But when I woke this Am 2016 New Year Santa didn’t bring me a new lung. I have addressed all my other problems. And the listen to your Dr n never go off your medications I have listened AND NEVER GONE OFF MY MEDS. I still was thrown in the mental health hospitals 7 times! Go figure!😿Each one made me stronger as a person. I don’t mean meaner. The people in those hospitals patients have the biggest hearts in the world.I was even in jail once for disturbing the peace in a public pool. The Mgr birds were singing n trying to talk n she covered them up with a sheet. So I made a remark at her for doing it when I was in the pool n she called the police. So I was singing I think We are one in the spirit we are one in the lord why can’t all people be one. Long story short I went to jail I had just quit smoking the night before. I was put in back of squad car hand cuffed. All windows rolled up, I asked if the officer could roll his window down a little I just quit smoking. He said no. I said fine n got out of my cuffs n waited to get to the station. So when he went to grab me I put my hand out like this was a date. He goes how the hell did u get out of those cuffs. I said I’m magic and I’m Elvis Presley daughter and Darold puff daughter. So he had me sign in I put Diane Puff Rodriguez Presley. So they put me in a cell. Few other people drunk etc. I was in my swim suit so I was cold n asked for a blanket. They gave me one and told me to b quiet. That one officer that was mean to me. I was sitting there n found a Penney. 🤔So I asked the nice Sargent oh by the way not all people are mean. I asked can I buy my way out of jail🤑. The mean guy said no n u don’t have anything any way. I said oh yes I do I have a penny.😌the nice Sargent said yes you can and came over and took my penny n unlocked the cell door!🤗they let me go n brought me to the New PattyDuke Mental Health Hospital. They treated me like a real person. I’m sorry to go on so long. But why can’t the cells be covered by insurance. Most people don’t have 9,000.00 laying around. Does that mean people with Copd only have a chance if they have money. All I can say to everyone out there with any kind of illness I am feeling that this will be a very special year to wipe out all these diseases. Don’t worry dr, nurses, scientist, etc we all have work to be done and we all need to find the passion in our lives! I just thought of the song I was also singing in the pool at that Mgr that called the cops on me. DONT WORRY BE HAPPY! Does everyone remember that. Let’s all go out today n try to start the yr out right n help a neighbor, friend, or family member or even someone u don’t know. Let’s start a bucket list not necessarily before we die but to help us live! Thanks if your still listening.

  2. Diane Rodriguez

    2 years ago

    I have had COPD for at least 14 years and had to quit smoking 14 yrs ago. I was hypnotized because it was just so hard to quit but it worked in 1 session like magic. Sure I miss it but I don’t feel I need them or crave them. Long story short my Dr has been wanting to put me on oxygen n I have fought it. I did Bikram Hot Yoga for 6 years and I did great. I had a pancreas illness n dr wanted me to stop yoga. Big mistake I feel. It’s been probably 9 months now since I did Yoga. My breathing n ability to walk distance got worse I would get so short of breath. We finally heard about the cell n decided to try it. Insurance doesn’t pay so it was a hefty $9,000.00. I had the fat cells take taken out of my hip. 1/2 were injected back into a drip for my whole body the other 1/2 I inhaled like a peace pipe. They said my chances were really good for it to work. I think it has been about 4 months and the little oxygen pac mans aren’t really working. I don’t know if the cells found other problems in my body n decided to stop off n see if they could fix that first. Long story short I have other issues going on in my body but I am on medication to balance all of them. But maybe the cells didn’t like it that I was being medicated to fix me. They say I have a bipolar, thyroid issue,Glacoma?,high blood pressure (probably only when I get mad not too often),depression (go figure), cataracts corrected,high cholesterol,bad eyesight😜,overweight or as they say obese,something with my foot,menapause,hospitalized 7 times for bipolar but I think it has more to do with my thyroid, that’s enough. All these labels I’m just 1 person Diane want to be happy n healthy.

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