COPD Treatment Success Stories

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Suffering from COPD is challenging enough, so finding the right treatment for you should be made easier. At the Lung Health Institute, we receive many patients who suffer from lung diseases that cause shortness of breath, discomfort, fatigue and other problems. Our Lung Restoration Treatment™ has successfully improved the lives of more than 80 percent of the thousands of patients we have served.

This treatment works by boosting your body’s own ability to heal itself with its own cells. For this procedure, a small sample of your blood is collected and taken to one of our labs where it is processed into concentrated forms of cells. These cells are then reinserted into your body to help reduce inflammation in your lungs and improve your ability to breathe.

If you’re wondering about whether Lung Restoration Treatment™ is right for you, why don’t you check out what our patients have to say about it?

What kind of challenges did our patients face before treatment?

  • Herbert K. – Herbert used to have trouble walking without losing his breath. When grocery shopping, he would have to pause at and catch his breath he lost while walking from his car to the shopping cart. Even walking from his bedroom to the kitchen and talking on the phone made him lose his breath.
  • Greg B. – Greg’s condition made it difficult for him to complete household tasks that were once simple. He would run out of breath while picking up sticks in the yard or walking around the house. His loss of breath led to him having to use supplemental oxygen to get through the day.
  • Ronnie G. – Ronnie could barely walk ten feet without running out of breath. In his words, COPD felt like, “having a plastic bag over my head.”

How did Lung Restoration Treatment™ change our patients’ lives?

  • Cellular Treatment for COPD: Patients' StoriesHerbert K. – Thanks to Lung Restoration Treatment™, Herbert is able to walk longer distances without losing his breath. In fact, he can walk a mile and only has to stop for a couple of breaks. Herbert still uses oxygen at night but doesn’t have to use it throughout the day anymore. He now feels confident doing household tasks and enjoying personal hobbies like fishing.
  • Greg B. – Greg noticed changes soon after his treatment began. Thanks to Lung Restoration Treatment™, Greg is able to return to tasks like lawn work and going for walks. Greg still uses oxygen occasionally but his overall use has been reduced since he can mostly keep his oxygen levels up on his own now.
  • Ronnie G. – Ronnie is now able to walk around the house without losing his breath. In fact, he can walk further down the road to his daughter’s house or to his barn. Like Herbert and Greg, he has been able to rely less on supplemental oxygen.

What do our patients’ families and friends have to say?

Cellular Treatment for COPD: Patients' Stories

  • Herbert K. – Herbert’s family has noticed that he can talk on the phone longer without running out of breath. His grandkids also love that he can spend more time playing with them now.
  • Greg B. – Greg says his doctor was stunned after listening to Greg’s lungs and hearing how clear they are after Lung Restoration Treatment™. Greg’s doctor is looking forward to monitoring the results and seeing how Greg improves.
  • Ronnie G. – Ronnie says his friends and family notice his progress. One morning at Sunday school, a friend of his mentioned that he looked brighter than he had been before.

Find out what Lung Restoration Treatment™ can do for you

When asked if he would recommend Lung Restoration Treatment™, Ronnie said, “I would tell them to go! I’ve got a better outlook on life!”

If you’re looking to experience better breathing and have your own better outlook on life like Ronnie, contact the Lung Health Institute. Our patient coordinators are happy to talk with you about your treatment options

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