The challenges of COPD: Getting dressed and household chores

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When you have COPD, you need to get medical treatment and do everything you can to keep your lungs healthy. This is because the disease causes shortness of breath and other symptoms that make it difficult to perform routine tasks or even walk around.
Flare-ups that cause shortness of breath grow more severe and frequent over time because COPD is a progressive disease. These flare-ups are what make it difficult to live a life without feeling exhausted from lack of oxygen.

Living with COPD flare-ups

COPD flare-ups affect everyone differently. Some people can have the disease for a long time and experience very few flare-ups. Others suffer from frequent flare-ups, especially during any physical activity.
Tasks that used to be simple, such as getting dressed or cooking, can be nearly impossible to complete without losing your breath when you have COPD. You may even have trouble talking on the phone or laughing with your friends.
Preventing flare-ups and treating shortness of breath is a priority for many people with COPD. That’s why they look into alternative treatments like our Lung Restoration Treatment™.

How does Cellular Therapyhelp people with COPD Breathe Easier™?

Our Cellular Therapyuses a concentration of cells from your own body to fight inflammation in your lungs. This treatment has helped many of our patients improve their lung performance.
One of our patients, Penny K., was struggling to get through her daily life without shortness of breath. Her life took a positive change when she discovered the Lung Health Institute. Thanks to our treatment, Penny is now able to do things she loves like going to church and singing. Her friends and family have even noticed the improvements in her life, which is encouraging when you have a disease like COPD.
Do you have a chronic lung condition like COPD? Cellular Therapyfrom the Lung Health Institute may be just what you need to Breathe Easier™. Contact us today to speak with a patient coordinator for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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