Consider These Alternative Therapy Methods for Silicosis

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Experiencing difficulty of breathing can be a major setback in your life. If you’re unable to breathe properly, the other major organs of your body are unable to receive the oxygen-rich supply of blood they need. Chronic lung conditions, like silicosis, may cause difficulty breathing and negatively impact the quality of your life.
Silicosis is a lung disease that is caused by exposure to silica particles. When inhaled, these crystal-like particles can cause inflammation and scarring in your lungs. This kind of damage is irreversible and may lead to the development of other severe lung conditions or respiratory failure.
Since silicosis is incurable, patients should seek treatment methods that help reduce the disease’s symptoms and progression. At the Lung Health Institute, our team of licensed medical professionals may assist with treating silicosis as well as other lung conditions. We offer many alternative therapy methods that may help improve your quality of life.

What are the alternative therapy methods for treating silicosis?

Two alternative therapy methods that can aid in promoting healthy breathing are pulmonary rehabilitation and Cellular Therapy.
Pulmonary rehabilitation is a therapy aimed at assisting patients with developing techniques and lifestyle that may promote healthier breathing ability. Typical pulmonary rehabilitation therapy may include breathing exercises, nutrition counseling, and patient education for living with silicosis symptoms.
Lung restoration treatment is an alternative treatment method that aims to reduce inflammation and halt the progress of lung disease. It is natural because it uses your body’s own cells to target inflammation. If you suffer from silicosis, Cellular Therapy from the Lung Health Institute may be able to benefit you.
For this treatment, your lung health practitioner will withdraw a small sample of blood. Then, the blood is separated into concentrated forms of cells. These concentrated forms of cells are re-inserted into your body to assist with the following:

  • Assistance with inflammation reduction
  • Assistance with fighting infection
  • Assistance with promoting healthy cell function

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