Your COPD Herb Garden

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COPD Herb Garden

Which Herbs Help?

There are a number of herbs known to ease lung function. Here are two herbs that are not only simple to grow (Herbs grow heartily, like weeds.), but that you might find in your kitchen at this very moment:


Peppermint contains menthol, an agent that promotes muscle relaxation in the respiratory tract. Mint grows like gangbusters, and can quickly overpower other plants in your garden, so consider raising it in a large pot or raised container. It’s worth having mint around for the aroma alone, which you’ll discover when you crush a couple fresh leaves between your palms and inhale the soothing scent. Fresh mint is also a refreshing addition to iced tea and desserts.


A favorite in Italian cooking, this herb can also be used in many types of food. It has carvacrol (cymophenol) and rosmarinic acid, each of which acts as a decongestant and histamine reducer. For those suffering from lung disease and the annual onslaught of spring pollen, try cooking with more oregano to fight back.

Gardening, even on a tiny scale, is a pastime that rewards the gardener with both strengthened health and fresh produce. With how much money local grocers are charging for fresh herbs, gardening is an awful lot like printing your own money.

Gardening with Lung Disease

If you don’t have a piece of ground where you can grow herbs, or if working at ground level is too difficult, consider container gardening. Whether your garden sprawls over an acre or sprouts from a window box, there are health benefits to cultivating herbs, as well as other produce. Gardening can reward you by putting you more in touch with nature, which naturally improves your mood.

Many lung disease sufferers whose illness had rendered them unable to garden have been able to get back into the practice after undergoing cellular therapy. One Lung Health Institute patient, Jean H., commented, “After treatment I got right back to gardening.” Another patient, Audrey S., stated, “I’ll be able to go berry picking next summer. We have premium blueberries in Alaska.”

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