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COPD Tips for the Holiday

27 Nov 2014
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COPD Tips for the Holiday Lung Institute

Be Prepared This Holiday Season

Thanksgiving is here! Whether it be devouring a delicious turkey, watching the big game or the joy of seeing loved ones, this holiday is something that many people look forward to during the year. Unfortunately, enjoying the holidays can also be difficult for those that suffer from ongoing medical conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The fight just to breathe can cause any holiday to be just that much more stressful. Don’t worry though, there is hope! We’ve taken the time to compile some helpful tips to get through this Thanksgiving, so you too can enjoy the company of friends of family. These are the COPD tips for the holiday!

Helpful COPD Tips

Thanksgiving is truly the start to the holiday day season, but it does open up the door for additional anxiety and increased stress, which can be difficult for patients with COPD. So here some helpful tips for you and your Turkey Day!

  • If traveling, be prepared. If you happen to be traveling for Thanksgiving this year, be prepared for all of the bumps in the road. Pack all your medications and have enough oxygen on hand for the day. Most importantly though, take your time!
  • Try not to overeat. We know, it may be tempting to eat as much as you can this holiday, but that is why you may want to watch your portion control. A full stomach can press on your diaphragm, increasing symptoms of breathlessness.
  • Just let it go. While we hope that this is not true for you, it does happen. Don’t let negative comments set you off. Some family members might make a comment about your condition or “egg” you on, but don’t let it get to you. Take a deep breath and relax.
  • Eat healthy. Everything may look delicious, but be mindful of your condition. Fresh veggies, Greek yogurt dip, whole grain items, potatoes and smoked turkey (in small portions) are all great option to choose from when you are deciding what to eat this holiday.

From all of us at the Lung Institute, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you stay safe this holiday season! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a lung disease and want to learn more about treatment options, please contact us or call 888-745-6697 today. *At the Lung Institute, we only treat certain types of lung disease, for a full list of the conditions that we treat, please visit our page here.

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