Exercising Indoors With COPD

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For those suffering from lung disease, changes in weather can aggravate symptoms. This doesn’t make outdoor exercise very easy. It takes a greater commitment to exercise with COPD, but fear not, it’s easy to take your exercise regimen indoors.

Find Your Space

The first step to taking your exercise program indoors is to decide where you will exercise. Popular options inside the house are the living room, den or a spare bedroom. Some apartment complexes also have a gym as an amenity. Another popular location is a gym or health club.

Gym membership will grant access to stationary cardio machines, exercise classes, and equipment. The price of a gym membership varies depending on your location and the amenities offered. Ultimately the choice is yours as to which is more important — the convenience of staying at home or the amenities of a traditional gym.

Consider investing in some essential gym equipment such as low-weight dumbbells, resistance bands, an exercise ball or a stationary bike if you do opt to exercise at home.

Ways to Stay Active Around the House

Follow a video exercise program — A personal trainer standing next to you is not essential to follow a workout plan. There are workout DVDs for all ages, levels of fitness and type of exercise you want to perform. In addition, there are free videos on YouTube offering exercises for those with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Dance — Dance like no one is watching. Turn up the music and get grooving. Dancing is a great form of exercise that gets your whole body into the act. You can follow a choreographed dance program, or wave your hands in the air like you just don’t care.

Practice tai chi or yoga — Tai chi is an easy lung disease exercise that is highly effective for reducing stress. Yoga is another excellent exercise which helps stretch the muscles, regulate breathing and increase flexibility. These exercises can be performed in both group settings and by yourself.

Exercises to Perform in a Gym

Arm curls — If you want the strength to lift that gallon milk or reach the highest shelves, arm curls can help increase your arm strength.

Stationary bike — A stationary bike has all the pros of exercise without all the cons of getting bugs in your teeth while being on a bicycle outside. Take spin and cycling classes with trainers to help motivate you to take your exercise to the next level.

Walk on a treadmill — Walking is a great exercise for beginners. Plus, you can walk around almost anywhere. Shopping malls and grocery stores are great locations to walk indoors.

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