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Bronchiectasis is a serious lung condition that causes mucus to build up in your lungs. It causes the widening and stiffening of your bronchial tubes, which leads to inflammation and scarring that cause breathing difficulties and may lead to other severe lung conditions.
Bronchiectasis is a chronic disease, so it cannot be cured. However, medical professionals, like those at the Lung Health Institute, offer treatment options for bronchiectasis patients to assist with managing its symptoms and living an improved quality of life.

Natural treatment options for bronchiectasis

At the Lung Health Institute, our team of medical professionals and practitioners have helped thousands of patients with lung treatments, like our natural lung restoration treatment.
Scarring and damage from bronchiectasis are irreversible, but lung restoration treatment may help slow the progression of the disease to assist in the prevention of further scarring.
Lung restoration treatment is a minimally invasive procedure that uses your body’s own cells to target inflammation. The procedure requires a small sample of your blood. The cells from this blood are separated in our lab and then reintroduced into your system in concentrated forms.
Concentrated cells from lung restoration treatment target different areas in ways that may help improve your health, including:

  • Healing. Concentrated amounts of platelets help the body heal by promoting healthy blood clotting and regeneration, which should assist with reducing inflammation and infection. 
  • Inflammation reduction. Concentrated amounts of white blood cells should help boost your immune system, so your cells may be able to ward off infection and inflammation more effectively. 
  • Boosting other cells. Concentrated amounts of cytokine proteins assist white blood cells with triggering changes in other cells, which may help reduce inflammation.

More natural treatment for bronchiectasis

Along with lung restoration treatment, bronchiectasis patients may benefit from pulmonary rehabilitation.
Pulmonary rehabilitation is essentially physical therapy and lifestyle training to help improve your breathing. Depending on your needs, your pulmonary rehabilitation may include:

  • Exercises to help improve lung function
  • Diet coaching to help get optimal nutrition into your body to promote lung health
  • Lifestyle education to help you save energy, manage your symptoms and breathe better
  • Counseling and group therapy

Are you ready to speak with a patient coordinator at the Lung Health Institute to discover how our treatment options, like lung restoration treatment, may benefit your bronchiectasis? Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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