A Guide to Celebrating Festival of Sleep Day

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A Guide to Celebrating Festival of Sleep Day

The winter holiday season is an exciting and joyous time for people all over the world! For many, it is a time of grand celebrations and family-filled festivities. Exchanging gifts, excessive shopping and great cheer make November and December fly by. By the very end of December, we find ourselves enthralled in the excitement for the New Year. For some people, New Year’s Eve symbolizes a time for reminiscing on the beautiful memories of the year and for reflecting about the moments that have impacted you the most. For others, New Year’s Eve shows a hope for a brighter future and the possibility for amazing new experiences. To say the least, the winter holidays can be downright exhausting. Between Black Friday shopping, extended hours at every store and the need to stay up until midnight or later for the ceremonious New Year’s ball drop, many people kick off the New Year with severe sleep deprivation. Thankfully, perhaps the healthiest holiday in winter time, the Festival of Sleep gives everybody the chance to bask in the beauty of sleep.

The Festival of Sleep, you say? Yes! Today, January 3rd, 2014, is the fabulous Festival of Sleep. As an obscure holiday dedicated to rest and relaxation, this holiday allows people to skip the family gatherings and stay in bed. It provides an excellent time for sleeping in, being lazy and afternoon napping. How will you celebrate the Festival of Sleep today? For many, it may seem difficult to wind down and relax after weeks of busyness, so we have assembled a brief guide to celebrating Festival of Sleep Day.

How to Celebrate the Festival of Sleep

Step 1: Breathe.

After days of running on empty, baking cookies, wrapping presents and just stressing out about everything, take a moment to breathe.

Step 2: Plan a Party Time.

You get to choose how long you want to celebrate the holiday, so will you sleep all day or just for a small afternoon nap? No amount of time is too short and no time is too long. This is the one day of the year that it is completely socially acceptable to stay in bed all day.

Step 3: Pick a Venue.

The obvious choice is your bed, but you have other options! Perhaps your living room couch is the perfect place for your sleep celebration. For a completely new experience, try out your guest room. Have you ever wondered what it felt like to sleep as a guest in your own home? Now you can find out.

Step 4: Make a Guest List.

Do you plan on celebrating alone? Go for it! But inviting your furry friends can make a huge difference in the cuddle time. Some people love sleeping with others—two-footed and four-footed bedmates alike—and other people prefer a solo run. Be sure to invite your friends carefully and decide what is best for your celebration.

Step 5: Set the Mood.

The lighting in the room can have a huge impact on your sleep, so be sure to pick a location that allows for closed curtains and dim lights.

Step 6: Turn Down the Heat.

Choosing the right temperature to sleep in can make your celebration that much more restful. Most people sleep better in a cooler environment, but either way, remember to set the temperature early on as it takes some time for your house to match your goal temperature.

Step 7: Select a DJ.

Noise can certainly interfere with your Festival of Sleep party plans, so be sure to decide whether you want to celebrate in silence or with the use of some kind of white noise.

Step 8: Choose the Perfect Outfit.

Now is the perfect time to get comfortable. Whether you choose to sleep in pajamas, a pair of shorts and an over-sized tee shirt or a special piece of lingerie, it is important to pick what is comfortable to you. Of course, your other option is to choose the nude, which could make your celebration more restful than ever.

Step 9: Unplug.

Oftentimes, we check our 888-745-6697 and watch television before going to sleep, but this can cause a huge problem! So in honor of the Festival of Sleep, leave the technology behind and sleep easy.

Step 10: Dive in!

After weeks of holiday festivities, now you can bask in the delightful Festival of Sleep Day—a holiday committed to helping you recharge your batteries. Sweet dreams!

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