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Walking is a lung-healthy activity, and it’s especially helpful for patients with chronic lung diseases. If you’ve come to Nashville, TN, for cellular therapy at Lung Health Institute, the city is also a great place to spend a few days relaxing. Nashville even offers a variety of beautiful parks with walking trails that allow you to get in your daily walk in beautiful surroundings. Here are 2 popular options you can check out while you’re in Nashville: 

1. Warner Parks

Referred to as Warner Parks, Percy and Edwin Warner parks are adjoining parks just 9 miles from downtown Nashville. Together, these parks cover 3,100 acres, and this makes them one of the largest municipally run parks in Tennessee.

There are 6 trails to choose from at Warner Parks, and this means that there are options for patients at almost every level of walking ability. For instance, there’s a trail that’s a 150-yard loop for people who can only walk a little before tiring. Other patients may want to check out the longer trails that range up to 2 ½ miles in length. There are also picnic shelters, a dog park and golf courses you can use while you’re visiting Warner Parks.

2. Centennial Park

Located right in downtown Nashville, Centennial Park is a 132-acre option for those who love to walk. There are 2 trails at this park, and they wind their way around sites like the full-size Parthenon reproduction and Japanese garden.

You can also take a break from walking outside and head inside to check out the Centennial Art Center, or you can take some time to sit in the shade by Lake Watauga and watch the ducks swim by. There are also historical monuments to look at, and for those who are feeling particularly active, there are even sand volleyball courts to play on.

Lung Health Institute Wants to Help Increase Your Ability to Breathe Easier™

At Lung Health Institute in Nashville, we offer several treatment options for patients with chronic lung diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

One of these options is a minimally invasive procedure called cellular therapy. This procedure uses concentrated platelets and other helpful cells from your body to target lung disease. These platelets release healing properties that, when combined with proteins, growth factors and other helpful cells, may promote healing in damaged tissue and reduce inflammation in your lungs.

We can also help you find out about the 3 Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™, or AI2™, plans our team offers. These plans include many types of information that’s intended to help improve your lung health, including lung-healthy recipes and nutrition suggestions, exercise recommendations and supplement regimens. AI2 plans are designed to offer several benefits, and they include helping to naturally boost your immune system and training your body to use fats as inflammation-fighting fuel. Take the next step to Breathe Easier. Contact one of our patient coordinators today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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