5 Simple Tips for Fishing With COPD

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Can you still go Fishing with COPD?

Fishing can be a physically demanding activity when reeling in the big one. For those suffering from a lung disease like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), even fishing may feel like an impossible activity. However, the more active you can stay, the better your quality of life will be. With the right preparation, fishing can still be an enjoyable hobby. These five simple tips for fishing with lung disease can provide you with the information you need to make your next fishing trip more enjoyable.

Bring plenty of water

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. You can’t drink seawater, and boiling lake water is a lot of effort, but you need to stay hydrated. People suffering from lung disease are more prone to dehydration due to poorer functioning organs from low blood oxygen levels. There is often limited shade near the water, which exposes you to the sun and extra heat. Bring a cooler and pack at least a bottle of water for every hour you will be outside.

Pack smart

Have an idea of how long you will be fishing. A full day of fishing may require an entire cooler, while a short excursion to your favorite fishing hole may only require a lunch box with water and some snacks. For those suffering from COPD, physical activity may be difficult and carrying a lot of extra gear is not worth the shortness of breath. Just pack the essentials and leave the whole collection of bait and tackle at home.

Try breathing exercises

It’s unlikely you’ll be catching fish the entire time your line is in the water. Take advantage of that downtime by practicing your breathing exercises, which can help improve your lung function and fight the progression of your lung disease.

Opt for staying on dry land

While boats can be a lot of fun, in an emergency you will be that much farther from emergency support if the need arises. For those suffering from earlier stages of lung disease, this may not be an issue, but this is an area where the saying, “better safe than sorry” holds significant meaning.

Catch of the day

Many fish are a great source of lean protein. If you can, try to cook what you catch. However, check with your local game and wildlife officer to be sure that your catch is safe to eat. High levels of pollution in some lakes and other bodies of water mean that your catch may be more likely to trigger a flare-up than offer any health benefits.

Lung restoration treatment for lung disease

The Lung Health Institute offers alternative treatment options to those suffering from lung disease like COPD. Alternative treatment options such as lung restoration treatment can provide patients with a reduction in symptoms that traditional medications and supplemental oxygen may not offer.
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