4 Tips for Entertaining With COPD

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Everyone loves a good party. And as a host or hostess, it feels good to have people over to your home for a fun, enjoyable evening. But there is a lot of preparation that goes into throwing a good party. A lot of behind the scenes work like cleaning, decorating and cooking is what makes a party great! While this preparation is a lot for any person to take on, it’s even more difficult to accomplish for a person diagnosed with COPD.
If you have been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and you love hosting (or maybe you don’t love it, but you’re about to host a party anyway), then here are some tips that may help you get through the preparation and throw an entertaining party that everyone enjoys!

1. Don’t be afraid to provide indoor and outdoor seating.

When the weather is nice, it may be tempting to throw an outdoor party. Outdoor parties are fantastic for several reasons — they require less cleaning and less decorations, and they leave less of a mess for you to clean up in your home after your guests leave. However, if you’ve been diagnosed with COPD, being outdoors for several hours may pose a problem. Here is our recommendation:
Problem: Warmer weather can sometimes be accompanied by humidity. Humidity and heat can make it hard to breathe, which may increase the likelihood of a COPD flare-up. You have to fight the heat to make sure you are healthy for your party.
Solution: You can always move the party indoors. However, if your heart is set on an outdoor party, consider setting it in a shaded area so you reduce the risk of overheating and causing shortness of breath. Also, consider using standing fans to cool the area if you are on a patio. You should also keep some of the seating indoors in case the weather is making it too difficult to breathe, so you don’t miss any of the party.

2. Enlist helpers.

As we said before, preparing for a party requires a lot of effort. If you have COPD, this preparation may be more than you can handle. Don’t be afraid to call in family and friends to help take some things off of your list.
Problem: Delegating tasks can be hard, especially when we have a certain outcome set in our heads. However, if you have COPD, preparing for the party all by yourself may leave you too exhausted to even enjoy your guests when the party starts. So delegating is a necessity.
Solution: Be sure to carefully explain your expectations to your helpers. Often, when you just assign a task to someone, they will complete it the best they can. However, their way of doing it may not meet your expectations. As the host, you should be very clear with your helpers about what you want the finished product to look like in order to avoid stress and extra work for everyone.

3. Drink it up.

No, we’re not talking about alcohol here, though you are welcome to have some available for guests. We are talking about water. As a host with COPD, it is very important that you stay hydrated in order to lower your risk of a COPD flare-up during your party.
Problem: As a host, it’s very easy to get distracted with planning and entertaining your guests, which can make you neglect your hydration needs. Dehydration can lead to shortness of breath and a COPD flare up, especially with all of the moving around and energy you will be using during the party.
Solution: Incorporate water into the food and drink selection of the party. You can make it as simple as bottled water, or you can fancy it up by offering an infused water in a glass drink dispenser. Fruits such as strawberries and mangoes offer great options to soak into water, or even cucumber and mint make delicious water infusions. You can pick an infusion option that goes with your theme. Just make sure you visit the water dispenser often to stay hydrated!

4. Take a deep breath.

Balancing COPD with the active lifestyle you enjoy can be difficult. Especially when things like hosting a party, running errands and cleaning your home are difficult. However, there is solution that can make things a little easier.
Problem: COPD can reduce your quality of life due to its chronic symptoms, such as shortness of breath, fatigue, inability to walk long distances and lack of oxygen to the lungs and vital organs.
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