Four tips for living well with emphysema

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Blog, Emphysema

Life is hard when you have emphysema, but it can be harder if you aren’t active in treating the disease and improving your lifestyle. There are many ways you can make improvements in your life that can help improve your breathing.
Below are four tips that we know you’ll find useful for decreasing symptom flare-ups and improving your quality of life with emphysema.

Four simple ways to make life better with emphysema

  1. Rearrange your home — Physical exertion is one of the main causes of emphysema symptom flare-ups. For some people with emphysema, this exertion can be from something as simple as getting around your home.
    Have a friend or loved one help you rearrange your home so it’s easier for you to get around and use your goods. This is especially important in the kitchen, where dishes, pots and pans are often hard to reach.
  2. Make your errands less challenging — When you have emphysema, errands like going to the grocery store can become much more challenging. You should take steps to cut out errands like this from your life or make them easier. For example, with groceries, you can ask someone to help you out or even pick up groceries for you.
  3. Stay clean — An infection can cause the symptoms of emphysema to flare up and make your life more difficult. You should frequently wash your hands and avoid touching your mouth to reduce your contact with germs. You also need to regularly change the air filters in your home to keep the air clean. Vacuum your carpets and dust regularly to reduce the number of irritants in your home that can get in your lungs.
  4. Join a pulmonary rehabilitation program — Pulmonary rehabilitation can help improve your lung strength to help you breathe better. Pulmonary rehab programs are led by health care professionals who know the exercises, techniques and nutrition you need to improve your breathing when you have emphysema.

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