Health Guidelines Diet Experiment: My Expectations Before Starting

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Hi there folks, this is Russell Winwood, and I’m here to talk to you about a diet experiment that I’ll be conducting over the next four weeks.
If you’ve never heard my name before, I’m the guy that completed the Ironman race with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or COPD.
I’ve learned a lot about the diet that works for me and my lung condition over the past two years or so, and for me, the one that works the best is the ketogenic diet.
This diet involves eating fewer carbohydrates, especially processed carbohydrates, and eating higher quantities of fat.
The composition of this diet has done some really positive things for my lung function by helping me reduce inflammation in my lungs and improve my lung function.
In fact, switching over to this diet has taken me from an average lung function percentage of between 25 and 29% to an average lung function percentage of about 35 to 39%.
However, in the interest of showing people out there that what you eat does make a difference when you have a lung condition like COPD, I’m going to be changing my diet for the next month to reflect the commonly prescribed diet for lung patients: the health guidelines diet.

My Expectations for My Health Guidelines Diet Experiment

The diet that is most commonly prescribed in the health guidelines of most countries for patients that have a lung condition is a relatively high carbohydrate and low-fat form of diet.
Most of the research that I’ve done indicates that the health guidelines diet recommends larger amounts of carbohydrates than the ketogenic diet I’m used to because they are supposed to be the easiest type of fuel for our body to use to make energy.
Since patients with lung diseases typically need a significant number of calories every day to maintain the proper energy level, the high carbohydrate diet recommended in the health guidelines seems to be a good answer to that need.
Therefore, I will be trying to conform to the health guidelines diet for one month to see what health changes I experience.
Before starting this diet experiment, I’ll be undergoing tests to determine the number of inflammation markers in my blood, my current lung function levels and my starting weight.
Once I start the experiment, I’m going to try not to change anything about my normal routines over the month that I will be on the health guidelines diet.
I’ll try to maintain my normal exercise level and perform the same types of medical tests that I usually perform on myself.
For instance, I’ll be regularly monitoring my lung function as well as my glucose levels after my meals, which are both tests that I usually perform.
Then, after the four weeks is over, I’ll be undergoing tests to determine whether my levels of inflammation markers are higher or lower than they were in the tests conducted right before I started this experiment.
Wish me luck on my dietary journey!

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