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A Healthier New Year with Elyse

7 Jan 2015
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A Healthier New Year with Elyse

One New Year’s resolution that frequents the lists of most is the resolution to start exercising and getting in better shape. We think that this resolution is one of the best ones out there because not only will getting into better shape allow you to be more confident and feel good about yourself, but it is imperative for your overall health as well. There are numerous benefits that one can experience from working out from improved cardiovascular health to enhancing your overall mood; the list goes on and on. Now, where do we begin?

Fortunately for us, one of our Patient Care Coordinators, Elyse, is also a personal trainer and fitness expert! Over the next few days, we will share with you her tips and tricks to obtaining this crucial New Year’s resolution and finding a routine that works for you.

Elyse was very interested in fitness since she was young. She used to do races and competitive cheerleading, and she was always dedicated to proper nutrition. Her mother ran marathons and instilled a passion for exercise in Elyse at a very young age. She was fascinated with the biology of the human body and how the body reacted to exercise.

During her freshman year at Eastern Illinois University, she began pursuing a degree in the field of exercise science as well as began teaching personal training and group fitness classes. After she obtained her Bachelor’s degree, she went on to receive a master’s in exercise physiology.

Elyse has her ACSM certification and specializes in working with special populations such as post-cardiac rehab patients and people with hip or joint replacements. She also specializes in training individuals with Parkinson’s disease and diabetes, as well as, people who simply want to lose weight.

When asked what her favorite part is about working with others to reach their fitness goals, Elyse said, “Changing people’s lives. Whether it’s getting them to reach a weight loss goal or getting them off blood pressure medication, being with them every step of the way is so rewarding.”

When you have a lung disease, you may feel unable to participate in exercise because breathing can be difficult. Well, fear not! There are exercises for everyone and by consulting a physician and a personal trainer, you can create a workout regimen that works best for you and allows you to receive the maximum health benefits without overexerting yourself.

If you or someone you love suffers from a debilitating chronic lung disease such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) or interstitial lung disease, you may think that a life that includes daily exercise is out of reach. Fortunately, that life can be yours with cellular therapy from the Lung Institute. For more information, contact us or call us at 888-745-6697.

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