How cellular therapy helped Denise regain her freedom

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Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a progressive lung disease that affects millions of people around the world. COPD patients must often deal with symptoms such as excessive mucus production, lung tissue inflammation and shortness of breath, and these symptoms can severely reduce their quality of life. However, cellular therapy from the Lung Health Institute may be able to help COPD patients improve their quality of life.

Some daily challenges COPD patients face

The symptoms of COPD can have many negative effects on people’s quality of life. One of the biggest challenges that COPD patients often face on a daily basis is a sense that they’ve lost their freedom.
For example, many patients require supplemental oxygen every day. This means that they must deal with using an oxygen system just to walk around their own home. It also makes leaving the house more difficult because they must take a portable oxygen tank or oxygen concentrator with them everywhere.
Numerous COPD patients also require assistance to walk and must use devices like walkers or canes. Devices like these can present problems at home, especially if you have stairs in the house. Clearly, many patients with COPD must use devices that significantly limit the freedom they have to move around and enjoy life.

Cellular therapy may help COPD patients regain their freedom

At the Lung Health Institute, we offer cellular therapy that has changed the lives of many COPD patients, including a grandmother and self-proclaimed horse lover named Denise.
Denise had lived with COPD and asthma for years, and she was constantly on oxygen and using a walker just to get around the house. When she found out about cellular therapy from the Lung Health Institute, she jumped at the chance to regain some of her lost freedom.
Two weeks after her session, Denise was able to give up using both the oxygen and the walker she had been forced to use before her treatment. She even said, “I was walking, and my husband was telling me to slow down because he couldn’t keep up with me.” She has also been able to cut the number of medications she uses down to just two. Denise is even able to ride her horses with her grandkids again.  
When asked if she would recommend cellular therapy to other COPD patients, Denise said she would and promised, “You will not be sorry!”

Find out how the Lung Health Institute can help you treat your COPD

At the Lung Health Institute, we offer several treatment options for COPD patients. One option we offer is our Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™ plans. We also offer cellular therapy that uses your body’s own cells in ways that may help reduce inflammation and promote healing in your lungs.
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