How LHI Helps You After Cellular Therapy 

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Lung Health Institute’s commitment to our patients doesn’t end after they visit one of our 5 clinics. In fact, receiving our cellular therapy is just the beginning. Even after you leave our clinics, Lung Health Institute is committed to helping you get back to the activities you love. So, what steps do we take to help you after cellular therapy with us?

Lung Health Institute takes a comprehensive approach to treat chronic lung disease — that means we believe in providing you with resources that will improve your overall health, which in turn will help cellular therapy be more effective in treating your lungs. Following cellular therapy treatment, we give you the tools and information to empower you to take back control of your life.

Resources You Will Receive Following Cellular Therapy

Following treatment, Lung Health Institute will provide you with the following tools to help you continue your journey:

  • Incentive spirometer: This device helps you strengthen your lungs when you breathe through it at different levels of resistance. It helps build on the benefits of cellular therapy by training your lungs to expand and take in more air.
  • Progress Journal: The journal helps patients track their progress for 3 months following treatment. It is a space for you to record and celebrate your daily improvements. Every victory is worth celebrating as your journey toward a better quality of life continues!
  • Anti-Inflammatory Initiative™ (AI²™): AI² are easy-to-follow wellness plans that offer nutritional guidelines, recipes, exercise tips, activity tracking and support for patients. By following the dietary model outlined in the plans, you can reduce inflammation and promote healing throughout the entire body.

Access to other programs:

  • Freedom from Smoking Plus: This program is available to our patients who want to stop smoking. The 6-week program breaks down quitting smoking into simple steps.
  • Lift Pulmonary Rehab: This program offers online pulmonary rehabilitation education and classes. Classes focus on breathing exercises, aerobics and strength training guided by trained health and fitness instructors.

How Lung Health Institute Tracks Your Progress and Results

In addition to the tools and resources listed above, Lung Health Institute continues to follow up with you through several calls and emails at intervals for 1 year following your treatment. We document your progress by having you fill out a Quality of Life Survey 3 months after you receive treatment. Of the 5,900 patients we’ve treated already, our surveys have revealed that 91.6% of patients experience improvements in quality of life at the 3-month mark.* We track your success and progress to ensure that we are offering effective treatments that result in long-term improvements in your quality of life. Our primary goal is to give you the tools, resources and information you need to help you return to the activities you love and Breathe Easier™.

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