How Probiotics Provide Benefits For Lung Patients

by | Nov 12, 2018 | Amanda Maucere, Blog, Diet And Nutrition, Respiratory Lifestyle

Probiotics are a type of supplement that support a healthy gut, but you may not be aware that they may also benefit your lung conditionHowever, probiotics and a healthy gut may have quality-of-life-improving benefits for you as a person with living a lung condition.

The Benefits of Lung Patients Using Probiotic Supplements

One of the most important systems in your body when you have a lung condition is your immune system. The main reason that it’s so important to your lung condition is that your immune system keeps you from contracting illnesses that may cause your lung condition to worsen.
What you may not be aware of, is that one of the biggest supporters of your immune system is a healthy gut because it ensures that your immune system has the nutrients it needs to protect you from illness.
Additionally, good bacteria that live in your gut are critical supporters of both good gut health and the ability of your gut to support your immune system. One of the best ways to ensure that your gut has all of the good bacteria that it needs to stay healthy is by taking a daily probiotic supplement, and the Pure Probiotic supplement is one of the best of this type of supplements.
The Pure Probiotic supplement is a great way to provide yourself with benefits such as:

  • Four different strains of good bacteria that promote gut health
  • 30 billion total Colony forming units of bacteria  per dose
  • Better resistance to stomach acid to ensure the bacteria make it to your gut

By taking advantage of these benefits of the Pure Probiotic supplement, you may be able to ensure that you have a healthier gut, a stronger immune system and a higher quality of life when living with your lung condition.

Anti-Inflammatory Initiative (AI2) Plans Now Include Pure Probiotics

The team at the Lung Health Institute knows that ensuring good gut health is one of the most effective ways to support your immune system and maintain a high quality of life as a lung disease patient. This is why we include the Pure Probiotic supplement in the supplements package of our anti-inflammatory initiative (AI2) plans.
By combining this probiotic supplement with the other features of our anti-inflammatory initiative (AI2) plans and innovative treatments like cellular therapy, our team may be able to provide you with a much higher quality of life when living with a lung condition.
To learn more about the supplements included in our anti-inflammatory initiative (AI2) plans, other features of these plans or the other services that our team offers, contact a helpful patient coordinator at the Lung Health Institute today.

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