How to Enjoy the Fourth of July Heat With COPD

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The Fourth of July is a special time for people across the country. With barbecues, pool parties and fireworks, there is no shortage of ways to celebrate this holiday. And while eating and playing in the summer heat may sound fun to most people, patients who suffer from COPD may have difficulty Breathing Easy in that hot summer sun.
Have you ever noticed that it’s sometimes harder to breathe in the oppressive summer heat? That’s because heat can sometimes thin out the air, reducing the air quality and making it harder to catch your breath. For someone with COPD who already has difficulty taking deep breaths, this hot weather may trigger an episode or create discomfort.
If you’ve been diagnosed with COPD, you don’t have to struggle through the summer months without a plan. Check out these alternative tips to stay healthy and have fun despite the summer heat.

Keep your body temperature cool with laid-back games

One factor that makes breathing more difficult is increased body temperature, which is something that could happen by standing in the summer heat for too long. Here are some alternative options for summer fun that can be played in the shade and don’t require much effort:

  • Water balloon/egg toss — Find a shady corner in the yard and pair up into teams of two. Each team starts by standing directly across from each other. One team member tosses an egg or a water balloon to the other person. The goal is to catch it without breaking it. If the person catches without breaking it, both team members take a step back to increase the distance between them. The tossing continues until only one team is left.
  • Summer croquet — A great game for the summer, this activity is fun for the whole family and does not require a lot of physical effort. The purpose of this game is to hit the ball with a wooden mallet through the stakes set up around your backyard (the game will come with a picture of how to set up the stakes). There is plenty of downtime in this game as people take turns, which means plenty of time for you to sit and catch your breath if you have COPD.

Remember, listen to your body and rest when you need to rest. Be sure to find shade and drink plenty of water to help your body stay cool, which will help you breathe a little easier.

Take back your quality of life

Living with COPD can be difficult, but we can help you Breathe Easier and take your quality of life back from this disease. The cellular therapy treatment offered at the Lung Health Institute is designed to reduce inflammation in the lungs, and 85% of our patients have reported an improvement in quality of life within three months of treatment. To learn more, contact our team at the Lung Health Institute today.

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